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Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express

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Service type  Sampark Kranti
Current operator(s)  South Western Railway
Status  Operating
Start  Yesvantpur (YPR)
Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express
Locale  Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & Delhi
Stops  8 (12649/50) 12 (12629/30) 15 (22685/86)

Sampark Kranti express of Karnataka runs between Yesvantpur near Bangalore to Hazrat Nizamuddin near Delhi, in addition another Karnataka Sampark Kranti started which runs between Chandigarh and Yeswanthpur. It provides a good substitute to the Karnataka Express and also of superfast category. The frequency of these trains in compilation of all the Sampark Kranti is daily. These trains provide an alternative link between Bangalore City and New Delhi.



The train was introduced around 2005. The train was introduced as a bi-weekly for initial years, and then existed as a tri-weekly train for some later years. At present the train runs five times a week. Later-on the second version of the train was introduced in 2009. It had a longer route than the parent train. It was introduced as a bi-weekly train. It was an alternative train for trains like Goa Express, Jhelum Express and Hazrat Nizamuddin - Mysore Swarna Jayanti Express. Mainly the train was introduced for passengers of Hubli and Pune.

In late 2012, another longer bi-weekly train was introduced till Chandigarh via Delhi. The schedule of both the longer trains were synchronized from Yeshwantpur to Delhi. For some technical reasons the schedule of the trains was increased. Normally the train used to take 3 hours between Bhopal and Jhansi, whereas the trains now take 6 hours between them, which includes a whole night. The technical stops with the duration of the halt were also increased.


Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express has 3 routes:

  • 12649/50 via Kacheguda, Kazipet, Nagpur, Bhopal covering 2276 km in 35 hours 15 minutes 5 days a week
  • 12629/30 via Hubli, Pune Junction, Manmad Junction and Bhopal covering 2610 km in 43 hours 45 minutes 2 days a week.
  • 22685/86 via Hubli, Pune Junction, Manmad Junction and Bhopal covering 2866 km in 52 hours 30 minutes 2 days a week.
  • Relevance

    Sampark kranti Express were introduced to provide faster connectivity from other than state capitals to the Country capital. Sampark kranti i.e. revolution in connectivity was aimed at providing a very fast connectivity. 12649/50 travels faster than the Karnataka Express and is quite preferred.


    Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express runs at an average speed of approx 65 km/h (40.3m/h)and peak speed approx 110 km/h (68.3m/h). The peak speed of 12629/30 is mainly seen between Manmad Junction and Bhusawal Junction, which is 69 km/h. Whereas the peak speed of 12649/50 is between Dharmavaram Junction and Dhone Junction which is 95 km/h.


    Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express Wikipedia

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