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Karbala Governorate

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Country  Iraq
Area  5,034 km²
University  University of Karbala
Capital  Karbala
Local time  Friday 12:43 PM
Karbala Governorate

Population  1.067 million (7 Jan 2011)
Weather  23°C, Wind E at 8 km/h, 34% Humidity
Points of interest  Imam Husayn Shrine, Al‑Ukhaidir Fortress, Khan text, الحيرة Al‑Hirah, AL‑Tar Caves

Karbala Governorate (Arabic: كربلاء‎‎ Karbalāʾ) is a governorate in central Iraq. Its administrative center is the city of Karbala, a holy city for Shia Muslims for housing the shrine of the revered Imam Hussein. The population is over 99.6% Shia. The governorate includes part of the artificial Lake Milh.


Map of Karbala Governorate, Iraq

Provincial Government

  • Governor: Akeel Al Turaihi
  • Deputy Governor: Jawad al-Hasnawi [1]
  • Provincial Council Chairman (PCC): Abdul al-Al al-Yasseri [2]
  • Districts

  • Ain Al-Tamur
  • Al-Hindiya
  • Karbala
  • References

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