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Country  Guinea
Region  Kankan Region

Kankan (Maninka: Kankan) is the largest city in Guinea in land area, and the third largest in population, with a population of 193,830 people as of 2014. The city is located on the Milo River in eastern Guinea and lying about 345 miles east of Conakry.


Map of Kankan

The population of the city is largely from the Mandinka ethnic group. Kankan serves as the capital and largest city of Kankan Prefecture and Kankan Region.

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Kankan was founded by the Mandinka people in the 17th century after which it became an important trading centre, particularly for kola nuts, and the capital of the Bate Empire. The population of the city is predominantly from the Mandinka ethnic group and their language is widely spoken throughout the city.

Kankan in the past, History of Kankan

The French explorer Rene Caillie spent a month in Kankan in 1827 on his journey from Boke, in present day Guinea, to Djenne and Timbuktu in Mali. He arrived with a caravan transporting kola nuts. He described the visit in his book Travels through Central Africa to Timbuctoo. The town had a population of 6,000 inhabitants and was an important commercial centre with a market held three times a week. Instead of having a surrounding mud wall, the town was defended by a quickset hedge. The chief of the town refused Caillie permission to travel along the river to the north as the town of Kankan was fighting for control of the Boure gold producing area around Siguiri and the Tinkisso River. Instead Caillie left the town heading east in the direction of Minignan in the Ivory Coast.

The town was conquered by Samory Toure in 1881 and occupied by the French in 1891.

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