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Kamikazes: A Deathography

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Kamikazes: A Deathography is an independent feature film, written, directed and edited by African-American writer/director, Lin Fahrenheit. With all the media coverage surrounding teen murderers and school killings, such as Columbine, Kamikazes: A Deathography is an attempt to take the audience into a similar situation and give them an inside view of what may occur and how.



In the film, Christopher Damsel, a psychopathic and suicidal teenager (Todd Ryan Jones), decides to take his own life and persuades girlfriend, Kelly Hauge (Anna Bridgforth) and friends William Goddard (George Yeager) and Rodger Heckles (Daniel Ross) to join him.

His plan is to wreak havoc on his hometown of Columbia County, Maryland for five-days, videotaping the entire ordeal and on the fifth day, commit a mass suicide on tape and leave the materials for journalist (contacted prior) to retrieve. Once the journalists run the story, he and his friends will live on forever in infamy.

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He calls his group "Kamikazes", because, according to him, they are willing to die for a cause they believe in. The videotaping itself is dubbed a "Deathography", because it is a planned death captured on videotape.

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Each day, one of the Kamikazes draws a piece of paper from a jar of "Acts" that states the MAJOR activity they will execute that day. Over the five days, Assault, Rape, Betrayal and Practical Joke are among the "acts" plucked from the jar.

As Damsels Deathography gets underway, things start to go wrong and a snowball effect begins that never ends.

Damsel is never truly in control of his masterpiece exodus, as his gang often argues with him about his plans and how they should be handled. He maintains control with a Lord of Flies "authority through fear" approach, that ultimately backfires.

In the end, nothing is as Damsel intended, and the glory he sought becomes his eternal shame.


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The movie is set in Columbia County, a fictitious Maryland suburb. Fahrenheit chose to create a fictitious county, because he didnt want the residents of any real county to feel singled out and because teen violence is universal, felt it was the best approach.


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