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Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai

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Also known as

Creative director(s)
S. Ramana Girivasan

Directed by
Thai Selvam

கல்யாணம் முதல் காதல் வரை

Tamil soap operaRomanceDrama

Chaitra ReddyAmit BhargavRevathee ShankarNivashiniManojSadhanaVandhanaKavithaIshvar

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Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai (English : From Marriage To Love) is a Tamil soap opera that airs on Vijay TV. The show was launched on 3 November 2014 to 27 January 2017 for 583 episodes and airs Monday through Friday evenings. It was initially aired at 07.00 pm IST. However, owing to increasing popularity and positive response from the audience, from 4 January 2016, the show timings were shifted to prime time at 9:00 pm. The re-telecast of the show is aired at 1:30 pm IST the following day. On 17 July 2016, Vijay TV announced that Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai will be airing from Monday to Saturday, instead of Monday to Friday. Further on 12 November 2016, Vijay TV announced that the show will be airing from Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm IST.


The show stars Chaitra Reddy and Amit Bhargav in the lead roles. The show is directed by Thai Selvam and has dialogues written by Marudhu Shankar. The music is composed by Arun Prabhakar. The show is completely based on the Hindi show Ye Hai Mohabbatein, which is aired on Star Plus and is partly based on Manju Kapur's novel Custody. Set in Chennai, the show follows the love story of Priya, a Malayali and Arjun, a Tamilian who live next door. The show completed its 500th episode on 8 October 2016. Due to cast change of main lead, the show had lost many viewers, and the makers decided to end the series by differentiating from Ye Hai Mohabbatein story and it concluded on January 27, 2017. The show is still loved for its great performance and has a big fan base.


Following a divorce from his unfaithful wife Vandhana (Vandana), after her affair with his boss Ashok (Nathan Shyam), CEO Arjun Swaminathan (Amit Bhargav) is a bitter man, but he loves his daughter, Pooja. Dr. Priya Unnikrishnan (Priya Bhavani Shankar), a dentist who lives next door, also loves Pooja. Unable to have children of her own, she has been unable to find a partner willing to marry an infertile woman. Vandhana and Ashok win custody of Aditya (called Adi),Arjun's elder son and also try to take custody of Pooja from Arjun. Priya and Arjun put aside their dislike of each other to marry to protect the little girl and ultimately win custody of the child. Ashok tries to take revenge, convincing Arjun that Pooja is not his daughter until Priya realizes what's going on and uses a DNA test to resolve Arjun's doubts.

After this, Priya became the target of sexual predator Eashvar, who is the husband of Arjun's younger sister Sukanya. Eashvar convinces Sukanya that it is Priya who is attracted to him, sowing discord in the family and causing Priya's family to take her away. Realizing that Priya is innocent, Arjun successfully plots to place Eashvar in jail for his crimes, while Ashok and Sukanya seek to do what they can to free him.

Meanwhile, Arjun's colleague and good friend Jai is preparing to marry Kaviya after a family feud broke up his relationship with Priya's cousin Vaishali (called Vaishu). Their friends plot to get the couple back together. A drama takes place and Jai is engaged to Vaishali. Kavya loves Karthi, Arjun's lawyer. Kavya is engaged to him. Manju, Priya's mom, meets with an accident caused by Adi unknowingly. Arjun finds out that it was Adi who was responsible for the accident. Vandhana is ready to take the blame on her to protect her son. Arjun begins to support Vandhana which hurts Priya a lot. She files a case against Vandhana. In the court Arjun takes Vandhana's side. However, Priya comes to know that Adi has done the accident and apologizes to Arjun. Arjun gets punishment for Adi by sending him to a boys' rehab.

Arjun plans a picnic for Priya. Unfortunately Priya fractures her hand and Arjun takes care of Priya. Arjun becomes the President of South India CEO's association. Aravind, Ashok brother, come to Priya's clinic for a surgery. Arjun fights with him as he behaves rudely with Priya. To take revenge Aravind cancels Priya's medical license. Arjun promises to get her license back. Ashok demands the President's post to give the license back. Arjun agrees to it and Priya gets her license back. However, Priya learns that Arjun gave the President post to Ashok for getting back her licence. Priya plots against Ashok and successfully gets the President post back for Arjun. Pooja wants to celebrate Raksha Bhandhan with her elder brother Adi. Arjun promises to take her to Ashok's place, where Adi lives with Vandhana. There he finds Ashok's friend misbehaving with Vandhana. Arjun saves Vandhana and Pooja ties the Rakhi on Adi's hand. After Aravind's arrival, Ashok plans to throw Vandhana out of his house and marry Vaishali, who is also his employee. Meanwhile, Eashwar files a divorce. Sukanya comes home and makes a scene. Swaminathan, Arjun's dad snubs Sukanya for creating a commotion in the house about Eashwar. Eashwar taunts Priya when she meets him to talk about Sukanya.

Jai and Vaishu plan to get married. However, in the register office, Jai's sister has given a letter, opposing the marriage. Everyone is puzzled as Jai has always said that he is an orphan. Vaishali questions Arjun about the whereabouts of Jai's sister. Priya secretly finds out find out Jai's sister and plans to reveal it to everyone during his marriage function. However, during the function, a big drama takes place and Jai is forced to confess that his sister is none other than Vandhana. It later turns out that it was all an elaborate plan made by Vandhana. She wanted him to acknowledge her as his sister, as he had cut all relations with her after she had betrayed Arjun and gone with Ashok.

Following this, Priya meets her old friend Abhijeet (called Biju), making Arjun jealous. Priya introdues Biju to Arjun, who feels that she likes Biju more than him, and is initially cold to him. Priya falls unconscious during a puja. Manoj, Arjun's younger brother blames for not taking care of her. The doctor questions Biju and Arjun about her past medical reports . Arjun is surprised to know that Priya had tuberculosis when she was in the 12th grade. Later Priya regains her consciousness. Biju advises Arjun on how to be a good husband which leaves Arjun angry. Arjun joins hands with a thief and plots against Biju to show him in bad light. All his plans fail and Priya is furious at Arjun for his cheap act.

Anu, Priya's clinic assistant is now pregnant because of Manoj. Anu confides in Manoj who asks her to abort the baby. Anu is shattered and vows to ruin his life and sends a court order to Manoj. Arjun and Priya try explaining to Anu about the current situation but Anu is firm in her decision of not aborting the baby. Ashok takes advantage of this situation and helps Anu. A series of incidents occur by chance, which leaves Arjun doubting Priya and Biju. Biju promises Priya that he would talk to Anu and Manoj. Both agree to marry after Biju's advise. Priya is immensely happy and cries "I love you Biju" which is overheard by Arjun. Arjun shatters down hearing this. He recollects his past with Vandhana and fears that Priya too will betray him. A drunk Arjun is found on the road. Priya and Biju reach the spot. They take a drunk Arjun home. Arjun is furious about the two being very close. Ashok and Aravind ploy and direct Eeshwar to persuade Sukanya to counsel Manoj to back away from his decision.

Meanwhile, Arjun is elected as the President of the South East Asian CEOs' Association. Biju and Priya invinte Anu to the ceremony. Sukanya rebukes Manoj for his decision of supporting Anu and asks him to leave the city for a few days. Anu gets worried when Manoj doesn't answer her calls. Later, she panics hearing about Manoj's accident. During his speech at the function, he gives all the credit to Vandhana for his success and thanks her. Priya gets upset and leaves. Arjun finds Priya and Biju holding hands and misunderstands their relationship. He taunts them, leaving Priya and Biju fuming. Ashok is left furious as Biju warns him against betraying Vandhana and asks him to marry her, failing which he will cancel the contract given to Ashok's company. Later, Sukanya is shocked on learning about Ashok's plans against Arjun from Anu. She tells Arjun about Priya and Biju's deeds which resolved Anu's problem. Arjun feels guilty for doubting Priya and apologises to her. Priya learns from Biju about Pooja being ragged in school. Arjun begs Priya to forgive him. His friendliness towards Biju wins Priya's pardon. Vaishali requests Priya to convince Arjun to attend Vandhana's wedding party. Priya rejoices as Arjun gifts her a gold necklace and wears the bracelet she had bought for him. Arjun selects a dress for Priya but Vandhana too likes the same dress. Arjun gifts it to Priya and insists that she wear it to the party. Priya learns about Vandhana's interest over the same dress. She gives the dress to Vandhana and wears a sari instead for the party. Later, Arjun fumes on seeing Vandhana in the dress that he had lovingly gifted to Priya. Later, when Ashok, being forced by Biju, proposes to Vandhana in front of everyone, Arjun is surprised as Priya holds his hand. Priya dances for Arjun at their residence and they share a moment of bliss. Arjun teases Priya at first but later praises her dance performance.

Meanwhile, Vaishali, who is fed up of Ashok's proposals to her, vows to reveal Ashok's true colours to Vandhana before the wedding takes place. However, at the engagement party, she finds herself in a fix as she inadvertently antagonises Jai. Sukhanya is irritated seeing Eashwar at Ashok and Vandhana's engagement. Pooja slams into Vandhana who, in turn, spoils Ashok's attire with the mehendi on her hand. Priya is angry with Vandhana for trying to slap Pooja. Priya obliges to Jai and Vaishali's request to keep her anger aside and grace Vandhana's engagement. Arjun seeks Bala's help indirectly to get him close to Priya. Bala gives Arjun a book on intimacy, to induce intimacy in his life. Vandhana refuses to oblige to Arjun's request of giving Aditya's custody over to him after she weds Ashok. Meanwhile, Ashok panics as Vandhana proclaims that she will marry him only if he legally adopts Aditya. Eashwar provokes Aditya against Priya. Aditya lodges a false complaint against Priya to avenge Vandhana's insult. Biju is shocked to see the police at the function hall. Later, Biju tells Priya about the police and learns that Aditya filed the complaint. Sukanya learns about Eeshwar's ploy and scolds him. Arjun threatens Aditya and makes him confess his misdeed. Later, Priya gets released from police custody after Aditya's confession. Arjun praises Priya for her maturity and they share a light moment on their way back home. Later Vandhana requests Priya to forgive her and invites her to the spinster party she's throwing. Eashwar again plots again Priya and manipulates Aditya into sending a wrong text to Priya to mislead her. Priya goes the bachelor party which Ashok is throwing by mistake and is misbehaved with by people there. Biju and Arjun arrive there at the right time and save her. Priya breaks down completely. However, she recovers under Arjun's care.

The day of Ashok's wedding arrives and he desperately tries to avoid his marriage to Vandhana. Vaishali tries to prove the original face of Ashok to Vandhana, She makes a drama and tries to make Ashok confess his feelings for her. But Ashok understands Vaishu's plan and mixes sleeping tablet in her juice. Then he makes everyone believe that he had been intimate with her and calls off the wedding. Vandana is crazy that Priya and Vaishu spoit her life. Vaishu is shattered after this incident. Every one including Sukanya start looking our for the real culprit. Sukanya plays a plot and learns from Eashwar that Vaishu is still a virgin and the drama was executed by Ashok to cancel his marriage to Vandhana. At Pooja's school, during a fight, Jai attacks Aravind, leaving him hospitalized. Ashok threatens Vaishu to lodge a complaint against Jai and blackmails her into marrying him. Arjun and Priya's families are devastated after learning this. Ashok throws Vandhana and Adi out of his house. Finding them on the road, Priya and Arjun bring them to their house. Vandhana plans to sow discord between Priya and Arjun and aims to unite again with Arjun after throwing Priya out of the house. Meanwhile, there are some financial problems for Unnikrishnan. Arjun decides to give Unnikrishnan a job.(As of September).Problems sprout again when Manoj comes to know of that he is incapable of becoming father after an accident after a test taken by the doctors. Unfortunately, doctors also let him down by saying that there is no treatment for this as of now. Vandana comes to know of it and fakes a doctor and gives his number to Manoj to call him for his remedy. Manoj does so and he claims 5 lakhs for the treatment. Manoj is tempted to steal from the office, upon Vandana's advise and leaves for Bangalore for treatment. Here UnniKrishnan is suspected for the money loss and police eventually investigate him in a function in front of the other relative which puts him in embarrassment. Manoj is caught red-handed, beaten and abandoned by his own family in his own house. Meanwhile, Priya finds a suitable groom for Arjun's sister and convince her to marry. Vandana comes to know of the groom that he is already married but bashes him in the marriage hall with her ex-wife (but not still divorced) only to put Arjun's family into miserable position by stopping the marriage. The groom is then thrown out. Manoj then exposes Vandana and her misdeeds and they all throw her out. Vandana challenges revenge towards them stubbornly. Seeing her furious, Arjun decides to get the custody of Adhi legally, which Vandana gets devastated. She plots an agreement with Arjun acceding to Arjun's demand and quoting Pooja for Adhi instead in that agreement diplomatically and rather quoting it in clandestine. Arjun's lawyer Karthik without going through it properly presents it to Arjun which he signs. Vandana now demands Pooja quoting the statement in it. Priya gets devastated and pleads Vandana not to demand Pooja, since Pooja cannot imagine living without her and vice versa. Priya goes to the extent of begging Vandana and falling at her but Vandana nevertheless stays stubborn over her decision. Vandana hires a successful lawyer for this case. After unimaginable depressions and worst nightmares of losing Pooja, Priya decides to evade with Pooja, while the latter is completely innocent of what is going on. Knowing that Priya has absconded with Pooja, Vandana adds a feather to her cap making her side stronger and filing a criminal charge against the Priya for her act. After twists of events, Priya gets back to Arjun family with her broken leg (in the accident meanwhile). The next day hearing proceeds and Vandana succeeds in getting Pooja into her custody. Adhi sees Vandana's lawyer in his school function and picks up a quarrel with his son, blaming his father as a prosecutor who helped Vandana in separating Priya from Pooja. But his son counters saying his father is rather a great, honest and a fair lawyer. Now Vandana's lawyer become conscientious learning about his own son's belief about him, feels guilty for being otherwise. He then promises to support Priya to get back her child and Priya becomes highly delightful. Meanwhile, Adhi develops a complex and is heartbroken thinking that he is unwanted by Vandana as well as Arjun's family and bursts out to Arjun about it. Moreover, the psychiatrist advises Adhi to be in Priya's custody for his better future and for his better mental health. Arjun then decides to retain Adhi first and then to fight for Pooja's custody later.

Priya plays a game to calm down Pooja by running out of town. Arjun was scared on seeing Priya missing and later realizes it. Arjun intellectually as well as with his usual humorous way finds Priya at her friend's home and takes her back to Chennai. He made her settle in a different home. Finally wins Pooja's emotion in sometime. Meanwhile, Adhi started calling Priya as Priyama and he helps to instigate Pooja to join with Priya.

(Actress of Priya changed to Chaitra Reddy)Priya, Pooja and Arjun leave for a road trip and double play role begins and story deviates form YHM. Arjun then goes to Kerala where he realizes that malli :Template:Amit bhargav resides there. A story was created to end the show due to ratings drastically dropping reasoning to Priya Bhavani Shankar's exit from the show.


  • Amit Bhargav as Arjun Swaminathan, the male protagonist, Priya's husband
  • Chaitra Reddy2017 as Priya Arjun, the female protagonist , Arjun's wife
  • Nivashini as Pooja Arjun, daughter of Arjun and Vandhana, Priya's stepdaughter
  • Vandana as Vandana, Arjun's ex-wife, Pooja and Adi's mother, main female antagonist
  • A. Anadh as Aditya (Adi), Son of Arjun and Vandhana
  • Nathan Shyam as Ashok, Arjun's business rival, Vandhana 's ex-fiance and Vaishali's husband, main male antagonist
  • Lokesh Baskaran as Jai, Vandhana's brother and Vaishali's ex-lover
  • Vanitha Hariharan as Vaishali (Vaishu), Priya's cousin, Jai's ex-lover and Ashok's wife
  • Vishwam as Unnikrishnan, Priya's father
  • Shari (Sadhana) as Manjula Unnikrishnan, Priya's mother
  • Ravishankar as Swaminathan, Arjun's father
  • Revathee Shankar as Dhanalakshmi Swaminathan (earlier played by Kuyili), Arjun's mother
  • Manoj as Manoj Swaminathan, Arjun's younger brother
  • Samantha as Sukanya Eeshwar Swaminathan, Arjun's younger sister and Eashwar's wife
  • Ishvar as Eashwar, Sukanya's husband and Arjun's brother-in-law
  • Kavitha as Kavitha Bala, Priya's elder sister and Bala's wife
  • Rhema Ashok as Shruti, Arjun's sister
  • Karthik Sasidharan as Aravind, Ashok's brother
  • Badekkila Pradeep as Abijith (Biju), Priya's best and childhood friend
  • Haripriya Vignesh Kumar as Anu, Priya's clinic assistant
  • Usha Elizabeth, Bala's mother
  • Priya Majuathan as Ramya
  • Anees Shaz as Subbu
  • Apsara as Ragini
  • Rekha Suresh as Vaishali's mother

  • Priya Bhavani Shankar2014-2017 as Priya Arjun, the female protagonist, Arjun's wife
  • Kuyili as Dhanam (Arjun's Mother)
  • Anu as Anu (Manoj's lover)
  • Vaishali as Vaishu (Priya's younger sister)
  • Pavithra as Kavya(Jai's ex-fiance)
  • Nandini as Shruti (Arjun's younger sister)
  • Reception

    After the show was launched in November 2014, it quickly gained popularity and received positive feedback from viewers. Priya Bhavani Shankar and Amit's performances have won them a large fan following, with a few fan pages dedicated to them as well as KMKV on social media. [1][2] Priya Bhavani Shankar and Amit won the ''Best Find of the Year'' Award at the 2015 Vijay Telly Awards for their roles in KMKV. The popularity of the serial has also won the lead pair roles in several TV commercials.

    On YouTube, the official Channel of the serial "Kalyanam Mudhal Kaadhal Varai" has 19,270 subscribers as of November 2016. The channel has 2.3 million views for all the episodes combined as of November 2016.

    As of January 2017, Priya's contract ended and she quit the show. Which lead to a new actress in which ratings drastically dropped. Sadly the makers cancelled the show in February 2017 by changing its storyline. It is still remembered for great performance and one of the greatest remakes for any show.


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