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Kalloori Vaasal

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Country  India
Director  Pavithran
Language  Tamil
Kalloori Vaasal movie poster

Release date  16 February 1996

Neelagiri kalloori vaasal tamil song ajith kumar

Kalloori Vaasal (Tamil: கல்லூரி வாசல்) is a 1996 Tamil college film directed by Pavithran The film featured Ajith Kumar and Pooja Bhatt in the lead roles with Prashanth, Devayani and Manivannan in supporting roles.


Kalloori Vaasal movie scenes Neelagiri Kalloori Vaasal Tamil Song Ajith Kumar


Kalloori Vaasal movie scenes Super Hit Kalloori Vaasal Tamil Song Prashant Pooja Bhatt Video Dailymotion

Vasanth (Ajith Kumar) and Sathya (Prashanth) are very best friends ever since from their childhood. Manivannan is working under Sathya's mother and he wanted his daughter Pooja (Pooja Bhatt) to get married to Sathya so that he could be a wealthy man for the rest of his life. For this he makes many tricks and pranks to make them walk together alone, to go for a ride and many more. On Vasanth's birthday Sathya goes to wish him but he denies his wish and says birthday is no more meant to him. Simultaneously Sathya's mother decided his son to get married to Pooja and the engagement day arrives. Without informing her, when she enters the house as all the other guests did, Manivannan insists her to wear the engagement saree. Knowing the situation she leaves the place crying and Sathya follows her. On middle of the street he shouts at her and asks the reason why she can't marry her. She immediately shows her wedding thread which she has hidden from all and cries that she was already married.

Flashback begins with Nivetha (Devayani) and Pooja being best friends from school and on the first day of college Nivetha meets Vasanth and falls in love. Without knowing this Pooja and Vasanth loves each other. When Pooja came to know about the love of her friend for Vasanth, she decided to sacrifice her love that he had on Vasanth. On Vasanth's birthday she denies his love for him and quickly he forcefully marries her. Seeing this Nivetha commits suicide in front of their eyes. And Pooja gets separated from Vasanth thinking that he is the reason behind her friend's death.

After knowing this Sathya goes on to have a fight with Vasanth. But after knowing the actual truth, Sathya decides to sacrifice his love that he had on Pooja, and decides to unite Vasanth and Pooja together. On a cultural day when Sathya, Vasanth and Pooja make a combine performance, the opposite gang Manivannan makes a vengeful plan against Vasanth by striking him through a knife. The blame is then put on Sathya, and suddenly gets ended up being in jail. When Pooja sees her husband gets hurt in reality she forgets everything and starts to cry for him. Then soon as Vasanth became conscious, him and Pooja finally gets united.


  • Ajith Kumar as Vasanth
  • Prashanth as Sathya
  • Pooja Bhatt as Pooja
  • Devayani as Nivetha
  • Manivannan as Pooja's Father
  • Kalyan as Milton
  • Production

    The film featured choreographer Kalyan in his acting debut as a college rogue. This was the only Tamil film which Pooja Bhatt had acted so far. In an interview, Ajith mentioned that he became good friends with the lead actress, Pooja Bhatt, despite initially finding her "aloof". During the production of the film, Prashanth was unhappy about the way that his character was depicted and his father Thyagarajan was involved in a spat with the director over the issue.


    The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Deva. The soundtrack, released in 1996, features 6 tracks.


    The film opened on 18 February 1996 to mixed reviews with a critic claiming it is "supposed to be aimed at the college audience, but the way the story is, it does not seem to reach them". The film performed below average at the box office. The film was later dubbed and released in Telugu as College Gate.


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