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Country  Philippines
Area  3,231.25 km2
Capital  Tabuk
Population  201,613
Governor  Nacionalista Party

Kalinga Beautiful Landscapes of Kalinga

Languages spoken  Kalinga, Ilocano, Tagalog, English
Region  Cordillera Administrative Region

Map of Kalinga

Kalinga may refer to:


Kalinga Beautiful Landscapes of Kalinga

Orissa tourist places kalinga ghati

Discoverture kalinga opened its india office at infocity in bhubaneswar

Geography, linguistics and/or ethnology

Kalinga Culture of Kalinga
  • Kalinga (historical region), a historical region of India
  • Kalinga (Mahabharata), an apocryphal kingdom mentioned in classical Indian literature
  • Kalinga alphabet, an ancient writing system invented in the ancient Kingdom of Kalinga
  • Kalinga (caste), an Indian caste of temple priests and cultivators found between the districts of Ganjam and Vizagapatam
  • Kalinga people, an ethnic group in the Philippines
  • Kalinga language, spoken in the Philippines
  • Kalinga (province), in the Philippines
  • Kalinga, Queensland, a locality of Brisbane, Australia
  • Kalinga Park, a park in the same suburb
  • Kalingga, an ancient Indianized kingdom in Java
  • Kalinga War, a war fought between the Maurya Empire under Ashoka and the State of Kalinga
  • Musical instruments

  • Kalinga or galinga, a musical instrument known otherwise as the ground bow
  • Kalinga, the sacred, dynastic drum of Rwanda, known elsewhere in Africa as Ngoma drums
  • Others

    Kalinga Cuisine of Kalinga, Popular Food of Kalinga
  • Kalinga (film), a 2006 Tamil-language film from India
  • Kalinga (gastropod), a genus of sea slugs
  • Kalinga Airlines, a private airline based in Calcutta
  • Kalinga Prize, a UNESCO prize awarded for the popularisation of science
  • 26214 Kalinga, an asteroid
  • References

    Kalinga Wikipedia

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