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Kaikei amv if you let my soul out

Kaikei (快慶) was a Japanese Busshi (sculptor of Buddha statue) of Kamakura period, known alongside Unkei. Because many busshi of the school have a name including kei (慶), his school is called Kei-ha (Kei school). Kaikei being also called Annami-dabutsu, his style is called Anna-miyō (Anna style) and is known to be intelligent, pictorial and delicate. Most of his works have a height of about three shaku, and there are many of his works in existence.


Kaikei Kaikei Jiz Bosatsu Japan Kamakura period 11851333 The Met

Kaikei no gakusei

Primary work

Kaikei Burke Collection Artist Kaikei
  • Amitabha Triad in Jōdo-ji in Ono (1195) - National Treasure of Japan. Most important work. Height: 24.6 ft
  • Hachiman in Tōdai-ji (1201) - National Treasure of Japan.
  • Nio(Agyō) in Tōdai-ji (1203) - National Treasure of Japan. Joint production with Unkei and 13 assistant sculptors.
  • Mahamayuri in Kinpusen-ji (1200) - Important Cultural Property of Japan.
  • Maitreya in Sanbō-in (1192) - Important Cultural Property of Japan.
  • Vairocana in Ishiyama-dera (1194) - Important Cultural Property of Japan.

  • Kaikei Abe Wenshu Bodhisattva Manjusri riding a lion like wooden Kaikei as
    Kaikei httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
    Kaikei Kaikei Busshi Kamakura Era One of Japan39s Most Acclaimed Sculptors
    Kaikei Amitabha Buddha 1212 attributed to Kaikei or his apprentice

    Kaikei FileTodaiji Monastery Jizo by Kaikei 421jpg Wikimedia Commons


    Kaikei Wikipedia

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