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Created by  Shreya Creations
Starring  See below
Country of origin  India
First episode date  9 October 2006
Number of episodes  252
3/10 IMDb

Directed by  Sandip Sikcand
Opening theme  "Kaajjal" by
No. of seasons  1
Final episode date  20 December 2007
Number of seasons  1
Kaajjal httpsiytimgcomviS1Df612WHwhqdefaultjpg

Nominations  Indian Telly Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role
Cast  Surveen Chawla, Apurva Agnihotri, Sachin Tyagi
Similar  Kahiin to Hoga, Babul Ka Aangann Chootey, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Kuchh Is Tara, Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai

Kaajjal - Sabbki Aankhon Mein Basi, commonly known as Kaajjal, was an Indian daily television serial that aired on Sony Entertainment Television India. It centers around a young woman named Kaajjal, who hails from the small town of Mussourie, looking for the love of her life and finds instead Dev.


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Kaajjal (Surveen Chawla), a young, good-natured woman, comes from her small town to make it big and find the love of her life. She is an RJ with a popular morning show. However, instead of Prince Charming, she finds Dev (Apurva Agnihotri), an angry, arrogant man, who is the scion of an industrialist family. He is bitter towards life as his first love has died. He generally, keeps everyone at distance, including his friends and family. They vow never to meet again, but they do.

Kaajjal Kaajjal Episode 22 YouTube

When Kaajjal reaches Mumbai after winning an RJ hunt, she works in Dev's office. In a drunken state, Dev confesses his love to Kaajjal, when he actually meant his ex-wife, Payal. Kaajjal is misunderstood and she falls in love with Dev. Dev avoids her at every cost. His friend, Dhruv, who just came back from the U.S., sees Kaajjal and falls in love with her at first sight. Dev and Kaajjal become friends; the more their friendship grew, the feelings Dev had for Kaajjal grew, too. Later, Dev wants to propose to Kaajjal. At the last moment he finds out about Dhruv liking her. He is heartbroken and stays away from Kaajjal. Not only that, he finds out he has a "shani" in his horoscope which could cause his death. And if he marries Kaajjal, the "shani" from his horoscope could fall on Kaajjal which would cause her death.

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Kaajjal is still in love with Dev and tries to get close to him. Dev decides to get Kaajjal and Dhruv married and, with his evil sister-in-law, Amisha, who wants Dev to die, brings a marriage proposal on behalf of Dhruv. Dev doesn't tell who is the proposal from, and Kaajjal and her family thinking its from Dev agree. Dev invites Kaajjal to his hotel room one night, and he tries to misbehave with her. She is shocked to see lust in his eyes and slaps him. She runs away from there and Dev is happy to know that now she hates him, and at least now she will marry Dhruv.

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Now Dev and Kaajjal are married to each other. Karan is bent on getting his revenge... 6 September is the last day for DK... After that a new reincarnation track will start as Dev and Kaajjal take a new birth and find each other, fall in love after knowing about their past life, and taking revenge against Karan. After going through all the trial and tribulations, Dev and Kaajjal finally gets married! All the villains — Karan, Kamyani, and Ranbir — die in a shootout, and the story ends!


Kaajjal KaajjalShahidAmrita Pictures 446083 Kaajjal Sabbki Aankhon

  • Surveen Chawla ... Kaajjal Behl/Kaajjal Dev Pratap Singh
  • Apurva Agnihotri ... Dev Pratap Singh
  • Deepak Bajaj ... Veer Pratap Singh
  • Rohit Bakshi (actor) ... Karan Pratap Singh
  • Kishwar Merchant ... Amisha Pratap Singh
  • Sachin Tyagi ... Aditya Garewal
  • Shaleen Bhanot ... Shivansh Kapoor
  • Rita Bahaduri ... Bimmo Bua (Kaajjal's aunt)
  • Kinshuk Mahajan ... Devinder/Dev (new Dev)
  • Rocky Verma... Kidnapper
  • Chahat Khanna ... Katie/Kaajjal (new Kaajjal)
  • Praneet Bhat ... Bunty
  • Rati Agnihotri ... Nayantara Pratap Singh
  • Paritosh Sand ... Satya Prakash (Kaajjal's father)
  • Chetan Hansraj as Dhruv (Ex-Dev's best friend)
  • Rakshanda Khan ... Kamayani
  • Yash Sinha ... Ranbir (Kamayani's brother, antagonist)
  • Production

    The production house was Twenty Twenty and later on Shreya Creations took over.


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