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K. P. and Envyi

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Genre  R&B/soul
Members  K.P.
In the left side K. P. & Envyi is wearing a white top and jacket while on the right side K. P. is wearing a brown sleeveless and Envyi wearing a sexy top

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K.P. & Envyi was the short-lived pairing of two Atlanta R&B artists that spawned the 1998 hit single, "Swing My Way".



K. P. wearing a white tops paired with green and black jacket & Envyi wearing a white tops paired with yellow and green jacket

Though often labeled as an R&B group, both K.P. (Kia Philips) and Envyi (Susan Hedgepeth) were two individual artists with separate career paths whose brief collaboration in 1998 lead to the release of "Swing My Way". K.P. was a member of the hip hop trio Da Kaperz with rapper Rasheeda at the time. Envyi was signed to EastWest Records at the time.

K. P. wearing a cap and rubber shoes & Envyi in her black outfit

The song peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, #14 on the UK Singles Chart, #14 on the New Zealand Singles Chart, and #54 on the Dutch Single Top 100. A young Polow Da Don was featured in the music video for the song.


K.P. was featured on Sick Beav's 2005 song "Close Range" alongside Lil B-Stone.


Envyi was featured on two tracks on Lil Zane's 2003 album The Big Zane Theory. In 2009, she changed her stage name to Sioux Lane and released the album Tell Me Why. Later, she appeared in the 2012 season of BET's competition reality show Sunday Best.

K.P. wearing a brown sleeveless & Envyi wearing a sexy top

In 2005, both K.P. & Envyi participated in the song "Put Cha Hands Up" on Jermaine Dupri's compilation Young, Fly & Flashy, Vol. 1.

In 2011, K.P. & Envyi reunited to perform "Swing My Way" at the A-Town Legends Concert that took place in Atlanta.


Swing My Way - Radio EditCan't Hardly Wait ยท 1998
Put Cha Hands Up2005
Bass Is Lo1997


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