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Area  86.2 km2
Mayor  Agron Kuqi (AAK)
District  District of Gjakova

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Map of Junik

Junik (Albanian: Junik, Juniku; Serbian: Јуник, Junik) is a town and municipality located in the Gjakova District in western Kosovo. According to the 2011 census, the town of Junik has 6,053 inhabitants, while the municipality has 6,084 inhabitants.


It is located between Deçan and Gjakova along Kosovo's mountainous border with Albania. It is populated with ethnic Albanians. Junik is the hometown of several prominent people including former heavyweight European boxing champion Luan Krasniqi and poet Din Mehmeti.


The municipality of Junik is composed of the following settlements, which give a combined total of 86.2 km2 (33.3 sq mi).

  • Junik
  • Jasić-Đocaj
  • Demographics

    Pursuant to the statistical data from the year 1981 and some estimations by the municipality and local registrations that followed the 1999 conflict, it is assumed that the municipality had approximately 12,500 inhabitants during the 1990-s. According to the 2011 census results, the municipality has 6,084 inhabitants.

    Apart from one Bosniak family, the municipality is mono ethnic Kosovo Albanian.


    The economy of Junik is based on agriculture. Almost all inhabitants are involved in agricultural activities. As in the rest of Kosovo, unemployment is a problem. However, after the 1999 conflict, there was an increase in registrations of private businesses and currently more than 50 businesses are registered. Most of the enterprises are family-run, especially trade enterprises. The municipal administration is currently the largest employer. The inhabitants see the vast forests around Junik and its natural beauty as the main asset of the municipality and the administration is seeking possibilities in the development of tourism.

    Notable people

  • Luan Krasniqi
  • Rexhep Goçi
  • Robin Krasniqi
  • Edmond Hoxha
  • Din Mehmeti
  • Ali Jasiqi, a writer
  • References

    Junik Wikipedia

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