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Judith Pella

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Name  Judith Pella

Role  Author
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Spouse  Michael Phillips (m. 1971)
Books  Distant dreams, The Journals of Corrie Be, The Lady of Stonewycke, Stranger at Stonewycke, The Crown and the Crucible
Similar People  Michael Phillips, Tracie Peterson, Paul Magnette

Judith Pella is an author of Christian fiction. Many of her books are historical in nature, and she has mentioned how she enjoys the historical research.


She has a BA degree in Social Science, and was a registered nurse. Judith also worked as an instructional teacher’s aide for many years.

Her favorite Bible verse is John 9:25.

Quite a few of her books have been co-written with another author - Michael Phillips and Tracie Peterson both have co-written multiple books with Judith. Tracie Peterson cited Judith as an influence in her writing.

She and her husband live in Scappoose, Oregon.

List of works by Judith Pella

Published by Bethany House: Mark of The Cross, 2006

The Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister series

written with Michael Phillips.

  1. My Father's World
  2. Daughter of Grace
  3. On the Trail of the Truth, 1991
  4. A Place in the Sun
  5. Sea to Shining Sea, 1992
  6. Into the Long Dark Night, 1992
  7. Land of the Brave and the Free, 1993
  8. Home for the Heart, 1994

Lone Star Legacy

published by Bethany House.

  1. Frontier Lady, 1993
  2. Stoner's Crossing, 1994
  3. Warrior's Song, 1996

Stonewycke Trilogy

written with Michael Phillips and published by Bethany House.

  1. The Heather Hills of Stonewycke, 1993
  2. Flight From Stonewycke, 1994
  3. Lady of Stonewycke

This series was republished as a 3-in-1 book in 2000.

Stonewycke Legacy

written with Michael Phillips and published by Bethany House.

2 Shadows over Stonewycke, 1995 1 Stranger at Stonewycke, 1995 3 Treasure of Stonewycke, 1995

This is a continuation to the Stonewycke Trilogy. It was republished as a 3-in-1 book in 2000.

Ribbons of Steel series

written with Tracie Peterson and published by Bethany House: "The passion and dreams that accompany America's great westward expansion are about to transform the lives of Carolina Adams and James Baldwin"

  1. Distant Dreams, 1997
  2. A Hope Beyond, 1997
  3. A Promise for Tomorrow, 1998

Ribbons West series

written with Tracie Peterson and published by Bethany House: "Three young people strike out on their own to cross the Western territory"

  1. Westward the Dream, 1999
  2. Separate Roads, 1999
  3. Ties that Bind, 2000

This is a continuation to the Ribbons of Steel series.

Texas Angel/Heaven's Road set

published by Bethany House.

  1. Texas Angel, 1999
  2. Heaven's Road, 2000

The Russians series

written with Michael Phillips and published by Bethany House: "Against the vast and formidable backdrop of pre-revolutionary Russia, the lives of two families, the Burenins and the Fedorcenkos, become inextricably intertwined, in this sweeping saga of love, faith, and courage."

  1. The Crown and the Crucible, 2001
  2. A House Divided, 2001
  3. Travail and Triumph, 2001
  4. Heirs of the Motherland, 2001
  5. Dawning of Deliverance, 2001
  6. White Nights, Red Morning, 2001
  7. Passage Into Light, 2001

Daughters of Fortune series

published by Bethany House: "historical series set at the onset of World War II. The three Hayes daughters couldn't be more different. But when war separates them across the globe, they learn true significance of family."

  1. Written on the Wind, 2002
  2. Somewhere a Song, 2002
  3. Toward the Sunrise, 2003
  4. Homeward My Heart, 2004

This also was available in a box set in 2004.

Patchwork Circle series

published by Bethany House: "centers around the anticipated arrivial of the new circuit-riding preacher—a bachelor, the women have been told. To welcome him, they and their eligible daughters decide to make him a quilt."

  1. Bachelor's Puzzle, 2007
  2. Sister's Choice, 2008

Standalone books

  • Blind Faith, published by Bethany House - part of the Portraits series, 1996
  • Mark of the Cross, published by Bethany House, 2006
  • Beloved Stranger, published by Bethany House, 1998
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