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Juan Romagoza Arce

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Residence  Washington, D.C., U.S.
Years active  1980–present
Occupation  Surgeon
Full Name  Juan Romagoza Arze
Education  University of El Salvador)

Juan Romagoza Arze (born 1960), is a Salvadorian surgeon, and current director of La Clinica del Pueblo.


Early Years

Juan Romagoza Arze was born in Usulutan, El Salvador. In 1973 enrolled to medicine school in University of El Salvador. During his surgeon rotation practice worked in poor and rural areas and was witness of violence and repression by government forces during Salvadoran Civil War against poor, church workers and medical personal that aid them.

Kidnapping and torture

In December 1980, while Romagoza was providing medical care at a church clinic in Santa Anita, Chalatenango, two army vehicles arrived to the clinic and opened fire to the people, Romagoza was shot in one foot and kidnapped and jailed at National Guard headquarters in San Salvador for 22 days where he was tortured and interrogated three or four times per day by electric shocks, cigarette burns, sexually assault, water torture, and being hung by his fingers. In one torturer session he was in his left hand in pressence of Vides Casanova. Juan was released in January 1981 due to the detention he lost 80 pounds and lost his ability to perform surgery due to the injuries inflicted and had to be physically carried out by his uncle.

United States

Juan Romagoza fled El Salvador and moved to Guatemala, Mexico, and lately to the United States on April 1983 were became American Citizen in 1986 and was granted political asylum in 1987.

Central American Refugee Center

Ramagoza became active in assisting the refugee communities and co-founded the Central American Refugee Center (CRECE).

La Clínica del Pueblo

Romagoza worked at La Clínica del Pueblo, were became Executive Director in 1987 and this was a second opportunity to Romagoza to serve free medical care to poor or low income people.

Ramagoza v. Garcia

Ramagoza v. Garcia was a lawsuit filed by the Center for Justice and Accountability on behalf survivors of torture during the Salvadoran Civil War. General Garcia lost, and a judgment of over $54 million (U.S.) was entered against him and his co-defendant, and upheld on appeal.

Clinic El Espino

In 2008, Juan returned to El Salvador and founded the Clinic El Espino, Usulutan, El Salvador, were provide free medical treatment to the communities where he began his career.


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