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Josep Carles Laínez

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Occupation  Writer
Name  Josep Lainez

Role  Writer
Books  Shipwreck
Literary movement  Asturian language literature, Aragonese language literature

Circulo de ur un rito de josep carles lainez

Josep Carles Laínez (born 1970) is a Spanish writer who lives between Valencia, Spain and Encamp, Andorra. A graduate of the University of Valencia in Catalan and Spanish Philology and Audio-visual Communication, his main interest is in European minority languages, and he has published original books and/or articles in Catalan, English, Spanish, Occitan, Aragonese and Asturian. He is currently the Editor-in-chief of the literary-philosophical quarterly journal Debats.


In his book of poetry Música junto al río (Music by the River, 2001), he uses a dialectal Valencian-Aragonese from the region of his parents. His book La piedra ente la ñeve (The Stone in the Snow, 2010) is notable as the first Latter-day Saint-related book published in Asturian and the first to use the Deseret alphabet for a language other than English. He has also published a translation of aphorisms from the Asturian into the Spanish language (Ene marginalia, 2003).

Laínez is a columnist for the Andorran newspaper El Periòdic d'Andorra, and has been a visiting professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, University of Puerto Rico, Hofstra University of New York and Komazawa University of Tokyo.

In Spanish


  • Exotica martyria, Valencia: Ojuebuey, 1991
  • Música junto al río, Valencia: Llambert Palmart, 2001. ISBN 84-931682-2-X
  • Fiction

  • Alma, Valencia: Ediciones de la Mirada, 1998. ISBN 84-922869-4-6
  • Una noche más, Valencia: Llambert Palmart, 2002. ISBN 84-932752-6-3
  • Non-Fiction

  • La tumba de Leónidas, Barcelona: Áltera, 2006. ISBN 84-89779-91-0
  • Aquí la noche tiene el nombre de Valeria, Valencia: Institució Alfons el Magnànim, 2007. ISBN 978-84-7822-497-5
  • In Catalan


  • Dionysiaka, Alzira: Germania, 1995
  • Anxia, Alzira: Bromera, 2001
  • Drama

  • Berlín, Valencia: Llambert Palmart, 2001. ISBN 84-931682-4-6
  • In Asturian


  • La piedra ente la ñeve, Uviéu: Trabe, 2010. ISBN 978-84-8053-559-5
  • Drama

  • Elsa metálico, Uviéu: Academia Llingua Asturiana, 1998. ISBN 84-8168-149-0
  • Thule, Uviéu: Academia Llingua Asturiana, 2010. ISBN 84-8168-493-7
  • In Aragonese


  • En o gudrón espigol xuto, Teruel: Sur Edizions, 1991.
  • Aire de liloileras: (peruigilium veneris), Uesca: Consello d'a Fabla Aragonesa, 1992. ISBN 84-86036-40-2
  • A besita de l'ánchel, Uesca: Consello d'a Fabla Aragonesa, 1994. ISBN 84-86036-50-X
  • Bel diya, Uesca: Consello d'a Fabla Aragonesa, 1998. ISBN 84-86036-72-0
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