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José Fernando Ferreira Mendes

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Nationality  Portuguese
Residence  Aveiro, Portugal
Role  Physicist

Name  Jose Ferreira
Doctoral advisor  Eduardo Lage
Fields  Theoretical physics
Jose Fernando Ferreira Mendes wwwaeinfoorgattachUserFerreiraMendesJosF
Born  June 22, 1962 (age 53) Porto, Portugal (1962-06-22)
Institutions  Department of Physics, University of Aveiro
Alma mater  University of Porto Oxford University University of Geneva Boston University
Other academic advisors  R. Stinchombe, M. Droz, R. Dickman, S. Redner
Doctoral students  Joao Gama Oliveira Joana Miguens Fabricio Forgerini Nuno Crokidakis Rui Americo
Education  University of Geneva, Boston University, University of Oxford, University of Porto

José F.F. Mendes (born in Porto on June 22, 1962) is a Portuguese physicist (statistical physics) and professor of physics at University of Aveiro (Portugal).


José Fernando Ferreira Mendes httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

Was Head of Physics Department from December 2004 to February 2010. Was from October 2009 and February 2010 Director of the Aveiro Research unit FSCOSD (I3N) and also President of the Associated Laboratory I3N (Institute of Nanostructures, Nanomodelling and Nanofabrication).

Since February 2010 is Vice-Rector for Research and Doctoral Studies in University of Aveiro.

Academic career

In 1983 he entered the University of Porto and got graduation in physics in 1987. Gained his master's diploma in 1990. Started in 1987 as Assistant at Departament of Physics, University of Porto. During is PhD visited as researcher several universities: Oxford, Geneva, CUNY, São Paulo. After finishing his PhD become in the same department Assistant Professor. In 1996 did one year posdoc in Boston University under the supervision of Sid Redner. In 2002 did his "habilitation". In 2002, become Associate Professor at University of Aveiro and in 2005 become Full Professor. He was invited as Professor by Henri Poincaré University (Nancy) and Universidade Federal Minas Gerais.


His research has focused in the last years on the study of properties of Complex Networks. The corollary of this research is the book Evolution of Networks: from biological nets to the Internet and WWW (co-author with Sergey Dorogovtsev) published in 2003 by Oxford University Press,

"This book is the first technical text on the currently fashionable field of complex networks. It represents an attempt to review the astonishing progress made in this subject during recent years, both from a theoretical and empirical point of view." - Marian Boguñá

and is one of the most highly respected references in the field of small-world network and Complex network.

"Professors Dorogovtsev and Mendes are well known for their important contributions in this field of research ..." "This book is the first technical text on the currently fashionable field of complex networksI strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in this new and interdisciplinary field of research." --Journal of Statistical Physics "Evolution of Networks offers an excellent foundation from which the fast-paced field can be approached with confidence. It would be an excellent addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in networks."--Physics Today

With Sergey Dorogovtsev they introduced recently a new index o-index that measures the relative performance of researchers.


In 2004 he was awarded by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian with the prize "Gulbenkian Ciência 2004".
Member of Academia Europaea since 2012.
Member of American Physical Society (APS).
Member of Sociedade Portuguesa de Fisica.

Selected publications


  • Dorogovtsev, S.N. and Mendes, J.F.F., Evolution of Networks: from biological networks to the Internet and WWW, Oxford University Press, 2003, ISBN 0-19-851590-1
  • Mendes, J.F.F., Dorogovtsev, S.N., Povolotsky, A., Abreu, F. and Oliveira, J.G. (Editors), Science of Complex Networks: From Biology to the Internet and WWW, AIP Conference Proceedings, Mathematical and Statistical Physics, Vol. 776, (Hardcover - July 12, 2005)
  • Review Articles:

  • Dorogovtsev, S.N. and Mendes,J.F.F., Evolution of Networks, Adv. Phys. 51, 1079 (2002)
  • Dorogovtsev, Goltsev, S.V. and Mendes, J.F.F., Critical phenomena in complex networks, Rev. Mod. Phys. 80, 1275 (2008)
  • Papers:

  • Dorogovtsev, SN; Mendes, JFF; Samukhin, AN, "Structure of growing networks with preferential linking", PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 85,4633-4636 (2000)
  • Dorogovtsev, SN; Goltsev, AV; Mendes, JFF, "Pseudofractal scale-free web", PHYSICAL REVIEW E65, 066122 (2002)
  • Dorogovtsev, SN; Mendes, JFF, "Evolution of networks with aging of sites", PHYSICAL REVIEW E62, 1842-1845 (2000)
  • Dorogovtsev, SN; Goltsev, AV; Mendes, JFF, "k-core organization of complex networks", PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 96, 040601 (2006)
  • da Costa, R. A.; Dorogovtsev, S. N.; Goltsev, A. V. and Mendes, JFF, "Explosive Percolation Transition is Actually Continuous", PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 105, 255701 (2010)
  • References

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