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Jonathan House

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Residence  United States
Born  1950 (age 67) (1950) U.S.
Institutions  United States Army Command and General Staff College
Notable works  Books on the Soviet-German war
Institution  United States Army Command and General Staff College
Main interests  Military history, World War II, Cold War

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Jonathan M. House (born 1950) is an American military historian and author. He is a professor emeritus of military history at the U.S. Army United States Army Command and General Staff College. House is a leading authority on Soviet military history, with an emphasis upon World War II and the Soviet influence upon modern operational doctrine. Together with David Glantz, he wrote multiple books on the Red Army operations on the Eastern Front, most notably the 1995 work, revised in 2015, When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler.


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House is a retired colonel of military intelligence; he served as an intelligence analyst for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at The Pentagon during both the 1991 and 2003 conflicts with Iraq. He is the author of Toward Combined Arms Warfare: a Survey of 20th-century Tactics, Doctrine, and Organization (1984) A Military History of the Cold War, 1944-1962 (2012), and Controlling Paris: Armed Forces and Counter-Revolution, 1789-1848 (2014) .

Together with David Glantz, House co-authored several books on the military history of the Eastern Front, including The Battle of Kursk (1999); To the Gates of Stalingrad: Soviet-German combat operations, April–August 1942 (2009); Armageddon in Stalingrad: September–November 1942 (2009); and Endgame at Stalingrad (2014). All books were published by the University Press of Kansas. Their first collaboration, When Titans Clashed, was described upon initial publication in 1995 in an H-Net review as "belong[ing] in every college library and on the shelves of all World War II historians". The book was reissued in 2015 in an expanded edition; it was described by the military historian Steven Zaloga as "the best overview of the combat record of the Red Army in the Second World War".


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