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Jon Winkelried

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Jon Winkelried

Jon Winkelried TPG Names Former Goldman Executive Jon Winkelried as Co

1959 (age 62)

TPG Co-CEO Winkelried Says Diversity May Change Portfolio Composition

Jon Winkelried (born c. 1959) is an American financial executive. He is currently the Co-CEO of TPG. Previously, he served as the Co-President of Goldman Sachs Group from 2006 to February 2009. He is known for suddenly retiring at the peak of his career at age 49 from Goldman Sachs.


Jon Winkelried Former Goldman Sachs Partner Winkelried Joins PE Giant TPG

Early life and education

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Winkelreid grew up in Millburn, New Jersey, the son of a Jewish father, Irwin, who managed local parking garages, and a mother who was a schoolteacher. He attended the University of Chicago on a full athletic scholarship (baseball) where he earned both an undergraduate degree and an MBA. While in school he joined Phi Gamma Delta with his good friend Byron Trott who was also on the baseball team. [1]


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Winkelried worked as an intern in the trading department at Goldman Sachs in the summer prior to graduating in 1982. He later accepted a permanent job at Goldman in the investment banking department in the Utilities Group. In 1984, he moved to the trading floor and soon was heading up the bond syndication business. In 1990, he became a partner. From there, he moved to London to turn around the European side of the Goldman's fixed-income, currency, and commodities business (known as FICC). He was made co-head of FICC with Lloyd Blankfein. Cohn and Winkelried were a good team but were more competitors than friends. FICC was returned to solid profitability.

Jon Winkelried TPG Names Former Goldman Executive Jon Winkelried as CoCEO WSJ

In June 2006, Goldman's CEO Hank Paulson, Winkelreid's mentor, accepted a position as the Secretary of the Treasury under President George W. Bush. Blankfein was appointed the new CEO and Winkelried was made co-chief operating officer and co-president with Gary Cohn. Their responsibilities were divided with Cohn running the trading and asset management side of the business (including FICC) and Winkelried responsible for investment and merchant banking.

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Eventually Cohn's business lines were outperforming his own and Winkelreid, sensing that his position was tenuous (especially as Cohn was very close to Blankfein) decided that he would leave the firm. His last act would be to secure a $5B convertible preferred investment from Warren Buffett in Goldman during the financial crisis to secure the company's solvency. Blankfein was not happy with his decision to leave.

Jon Winkelried Jon Winkelried CoCEO TPG formerly Texas Pacific Group

Winkelried was named Co-CEO of TPG in October 2015.

Personal life

Winkelried has been married to Abby Lipsey, a preschool teacher, since 1986. They have three children: Matt, Jen, and Jane.

Winkelried is the owner of two ranches in Meeker, Colorado: the Marvine and the Pot Hole. Winkelried is an expert "cutter," a sport in which horseback riders separate a calf from the herd (historically done for vaccination, castration, or sorting purposes). He serves on the board of trust of Vanderbilt University.


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