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Jon Phillips Armor Collection

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Jon Phillips Armor Collection

The Jon Phillips Armor Collection is a private collection of armored vehicles owned by Jon "Welderbeast" Phillips, a mobile welder and World War II vehicle hobbyist from Hoo, England. The collection includes a replica Panzerkampfwagen III, a restored original Sturmgesch├╝tz III Ausf. D, and a restored Volkswagen Schwimmwagen.


Stug III Ausf G Replica

In 2008, Jon Phillips produced a replica of a Stug III Ausf G using the chassis of an FV 432 armored personnel carrier as a host vehicle.

Panzer III Replica

Jon Phillips initially converted an FV 432 armored personnel carrier chassis combined with a FV101 Scorpion light armored vehicle turret to produce a replica Panzer III in order to participate in the War and Peace Revival. Construction time was 8 weeks.

Stug III Ausf D Restoration

Stug III Ausf D, chassis number 90678 was captured by the British Army at El Alamein in the North African Campaign and was taken to the UK for tests and study. This tank was recovered from the Pirbright fire range in UK, and was then part of Kevin Wheatcroft collection. The project was started on 1 May 2013 and was completed 1 July 2016. The engine and transmission are not original, but were sourced through a surplus FV432 armored personnel carrier.

Social Media

The Stug III Ausf D restoration was openly shared on social media, with many parts being sourced and suggestions made through its Facebook page and several YouTube channels.

Marder III Ausf M Restoration

In October, 2016, Jon Phillips acquired the parts to a Marder III Ausf M, which he is currently restoring in his shop. The plan is to convert it to IVECO 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine.


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