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Jolo Revilla

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Other names


Jolo Revilla

5'8"/1.73 m

Years active

Jose Gabriel Bautista

Jolo Revilla Gamiaw Bulletin PNP forms team to investigate Jolo

Full Name
Jose Lorenzo Hernandez Bautista III

March 15, 1988 (age 36) (
Quezon City, Philippines

Actor, comedian, politician

Lani Mercado, Bong Revilla

Bryan Revilla, Inah Felicia, Viktoria Gianna Bautista, Franzel Loudette Bautista, Ramon Vicente Bautista

Ramon Revilla, Sr., Azucena Mortel Bautista

Movies and TV shows
Pepeng Agimat, My Binondo Girl, Noah, Kaputol ng Isang Awit, Si Agimat - si Enteng Kabisote

Similar People
Bong Revilla, Lani Mercado, Jodi Santamaria, Ramon Revilla - Sr, Angelica Panganiban

Who is jolo revilla as a family man

Ramon "Jolo" Revilla III (born Jose Lorenzo Hernandez Bautista, March 15, 1988) is a Filipino actor, comedian, and politician who was formerly under GMA Network.


Jolo Revilla JOLO REVILLA Photo by Ver Paulino Flickr Photo Sharing

Jolo revilla serious but stable after shooting incident

Early life

Jolo Revilla JOLO REVILLA NAOSPITAL Aliwan Avenue

Revilla was born as Jose Lorenzo Hernandez Bautista to actor and Senator Bong Revilla and Congresswoman Lani Mercado on March 15, 1988. He is the grandson of Filipino actor and former Senator Ramon Revilla, Sr. and Azucena Mortel Bautista

Political career

Jolo Revilla Jolo Revilla Biography PINOYSTOP

During the barangay elections on October 25, 2010, Revilla ran as Barangay Captain of Panapan VII in Bacoor, Cavite and was elected. He later became the President of the Association of Barangay Captains in Cavite, which automatically landed him a seat as an ex-officio board member in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Council).

He ran as vice-governor in the 2013 elections, with Governor Jonvic Remulla as his running mate. Together, they beat the rival tandem of Ronald Jay Lacson, son of Senator Panfilo Lacson, and 3rd District Representative Ayong Maliksi, respectively. He is the youngest vice governor elected in the history of the Philippines, surpassing the record made by former Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. when he was elected to the same post in Tarlac in 1959.

Entertainment career

Jolo Revilla Jolo Revilla attempted to commit suicide says source Revilla

He is notable for playing the role of Ramon Salcedo in the 2008 TV series remake of Kaputol ng Isang Awit. Revilla originally signed to GMA Network but later transferred to its rival network ABS-CBN. In 2009, he took the lead role in the TV series remake of Pepeng Agimat, which was originally topbilled by his grandfather Ramon Revilla Sr.

Personal life

Jolo Revilla Jolo Revilla and Jodi Sta Maria back together PEPph

Revilla has one son with Grace Adriano, daughter of actress Rosanna Roces, named Jose Gabriel Bautista (born January 13, 2006).

Alleged shooting attempt

On February 28, 2015, Vice Governor Revilla was cleaning his Glock semi-automatic pistol when he sustained an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound at his father's residence in Ayala Alabang and was rushed to the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Muntinlupa City. Revilla is currently under observation. According to his mother's talent manager, Lolit Solis, Revilla had been suffering from depression. Last March 28, he went back to work in his office. He said in an interview with Startalk (Philippine television show) that it was a "simple, pure accident."


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- Finale (2010) - Pepe
- Pepe Seeks New Power to Be Able to Defeat Lucio (2010) - Pepe
- Lucio Conquers Anyone Who Interferes in His Plans (2010) - Pepe
- Pepe Sets a Trap for Lucio (2010) - Pepe
- Lucio Gains Extra Powers (2010) - Pepe
- Pepe's Family Faces Danger (2010) - Pepe
- The Clan of Manananggal Is Back for Revenge (2010) - Pepe
- Lucio Lives Again (2010) - Pepe
- Will Pepe's Son Turn to Aswang Too? (2010) - Pepe
- How Will Pepe React When He Sees Lora with Bloody Hands? (2009) - Pepe
- Will Pepe and Lora's Wedding Push Through? (2009) - Pepe
- The Aswangs Start Their Search for Pepe (2009) - Pepe
- Lora's Freedom from Isla Domingo May Endanger Mankind (2009) - Pepe
- Pepe Finally Found His Father (2009) - Pepe
- JR Finds the Agimat (2009) - Pepe
- Pepe Arrives at Isla Domingo (2009) - Pepe
- Pepe Jr Tries to Find Answers to His Visions (2009) - Pepe
Totoy Bato (TV Series) as
Andong (2009)
Sine novela (TV Series) as
Marco Salcedo
- Kaputol ng isang awit (2008) - Marco Salcedo
Transmutators as
Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom as
Teenage Exodus
HP: To the Highest Level Na! (TV Series) as
Bertud ng putik
Ang agimat: Anting-anting ni Lolo as
Pao (as Ramon 'Jolo' Revilla III)
Idol ko si Kap (TV Series)
Click (TV Series) as
Pepeng Agimat as
Jepoy (as Ramon 'Jolo' Revilla III)
Historiographika errata (special thanks: Province of Cavite - as Cavite Vice Governor Jolo Revilla)
Gandang gabi Vice (TV Series) as
Self - Guest
- Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo/Jolo Revilla/Matteo Guidicelli/Arjohn Gilbert (2011) - Self - Guest
Tatak ng agimat (TV Movie documentary) as
Self - Host


Jolo Revilla Wikipedia

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