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John Bell

Full Name  John Bell Jr.
Years active  1965–2013
Role  Painter
Occupation  Painter, sculptor
Name  John Jr.
John Bell Jr. wwwjohnbelljrgallerycomimageshomepgpaintings
Born  October 4, 1937 (1937-10-04) Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States
Died  November 8, 2013, Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States

John Bell may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

  • John Bell (Australian actor) (born 1940), Australian actor and director
  • John Bell (musician) (born 1962), American guitarist and lead singer for Widespread Panic
  • John Bell (radio personality) (born 1934), American disc jockey
  • John Bell (Scottish actor) (born 1997), Scottish actor
  • John Bell (sculptor) (1812–1895), British sculptor
  • John Hyslop Bell (1833–1920), Scottish journalist, newspaper owner and editor
  • John Zephaniah Bell (1794–1883), Scottish artist
  • John Bell (comedian), Tampa Bay comic
  • J. Bowyer Bell (1931–2003), American historian, artist and art critic
  • John P. Bell (born 1979), digital artist, educator and software developer
  • John Bell Jr. (artist) (1937–2013), painter and sculptor
  • John Bell (special effects artist), Academy Award nominated special effects artist
  • Law and politics

  • John Bell (fl.1413), MP for Lincolnshire
  • John Bell (by 1508-33/44), MP for Leominster
  • John Bell (by 1514–43 or later), MP for Winchelsea
  • John Bell (by 1508-59 or later), MP for Reading
  • John Bell (barrister) (1764–1836), English barrister
  • John Bell (legal scholar), professor of law and Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge
  • John Bell (British politician) (1809–1851), Member of Parliament from Thirsk
  • John Bell (Florida politician) (1916–1982), American politician, Florida State Representative and State Senator
  • John Bell (New Hampshire politician) (1765–1836), American politician, state governor
  • John Bell (Ohio politician) (1796–1869), U.S. Representative, mayor of two cities in Ohio, probate judge
  • John Bell (Tennessee politician) (1796–1869), U.S. House Speaker, Secretary of War, Senator, and presidential candidate
  • John Bell (Virginia politician) (born 1963), member of the Virginia House of Delegates
  • John Bell (Wisconsin politician), Wisconsin State Assemblyman
  • John Alexander Bell (1829–1901), Member of the Queensland Legislative Council
  • John Calhoun Bell (1851–1933), U.S. Representative from Colorado
  • John C. Bell, Jr. (1892–1974), American judge and governor of Pennsylvania
  • John Hedley Bell (1840–1897), politician in Manitoba, Canada
  • John J. Bell (1910–1963), U.S. Representative from Texas
  • John Peter Bell, Canadian diplomat
  • John William Bell (1838–1901), Canadian politician
  • John Howatt Bell (1846–1929), Canadian politician
  • John Montgomerie Bell (1804–1862), advocate of the Scottish bar, and sheriff of Kincardine
  • John C. Bell (lawyer) (1861–1935), Pennsylvania lawyer
  • John R. Bell, Governor of East Florida, 1821
  • John R. Bell IV (born 1979), member of the North Carolina General Assembly
  • John Bell (1843–1924), Lord Mayor of London in 1907
  • Literature

  • John Bell (publisher) (1745–1831), English publisher
  • John Bell (folk music) (1783–1864), English folk song collector
  • John Bell (traveller) (1691–1780), Scottish traveller and author
  • John Joy Bell (1871–1934), Scottish author
  • John Bell (historian) (born 1952), Canadian archivist and comic book historian
  • John Gray Bell (1823–1866), English bookseller
  • Religion

  • John Bell (bishop) (died 1556), English clergyman
  • John L. Bell (born 1949), Scottish religious leader, musician, and composer
  • John Bell (1788–1855), Wesleyan minister from England who came to Newfoundland
  • Science

  • John Bell (surgeon) (1763–1820), Scottish anatomist and surgeon
  • John B. Bell (born 1954), American mathematician
  • John Graham Bell (1812–1899), American taxidermist
  • John Bell (physician) (born 1952), British–Canadian biologist
  • John Lane Bell (born 1945), mathematician and philosopher
  • John Stewart Bell (1928–1990), physicist from Northern Ireland
  • John Cameron Bell (born 1953), Canadian cancer researcher
  • Sport

  • John Bell (Australian footballer) (1886–1917), Australian footballer killed during World War I
  • John Bell (Kent cricketer) (1718–1774), English cricketer
  • John Bell (cricketer, born 1895) (1895–1974), English cricketer
  • Jack Bell (1869–?), Scottish footballer
  • John Bell (English footballer) (1919–1994), English football full back
  • John Bell (1920s Scottish footballer), former Scottish football striker
  • John Bell (1930s Scottish footballer), former Scottish football forward
  • John A. Bell, American football coach
  • John Bell, Jr. (footballer) (born 1949), former Australian rules footballer
  • John Bell (bowls) (born 1947), former British bowler
  • John Bell (Australian cricketer) (born 1949)
  • Others

  • John Bell (artillerist) (1747–1798), English artillerist
  • John Bell (British Army officer) (1782–1876), British general and Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey
  • John Bell (explorer) (c. 1790–1868), Canadian explorer and Hudson's Bay Company governor
  • John Bell (farmer) (1750–1820), central figure in the Bell Witch ghost story of southern American folklore
  • John Thomas Bell (1878–1965), British businessman, founder of Bellway
  • References

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