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John Avanzini

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Title  Dr. John Avanzini
Term  $60,000 and up ↑ (?)

Name  John Avanzini
Role  Televangelist
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Full Name  John F. Avanzini
Born  May 21, 1936 (age 79) (1936-05-21) Paramaribo, Suriname, South America
Occupation  Evangelist, Faith healer, Television personality, author, motivational speaker, life coach
Employer  Avanzini Ministries (founder and president)
Known for  Co-Founder of John Avanzini Ministries, Corpus Christi, TX President, John Avanzini Ministries
Religion  Pentecostal (Christian)
Education  Louisiana Baptist University
Books  Rapid debt‑reduction strategies, War on debt, It's not working - Brother J, 30 - 60 - hundredfold, The wealth of the world
Similar People  Charles Capps, Robert Tilton, Marilyn Hickey, E W Kenyon, Jerry Savelle

DOMINION BY THE WORD: Special Speaker: John Avanzini

Dr. John Avanzini (born in Paramaribo, Suriname, South America on May 21, 1936) is an American televangelist and "Word of Faith" Bible teacher who preaches a message of financial prosperity. Avanzini who was raised in Lake Jackson, Texas, has his present ministry, which he began in 1988, based in nearby Corpus Christi, Texas. Central to his teachings is his claim that Jesus and his followers were rich and that the believer is promised wealth. He received his doctorate degree from Baptist Christian University in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has 5 grown children one of whom happens to run his ministry, David Avanzini.


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