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Joe Preston (bassist)

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Also known as  Stinky Salty Green
Role  Bass guitarist
Name  Joe Preston
Instruments  Bass Vocals Keyboard
Origin  Salem, Oregon

Joe Preston (bassist) wwwmetalarchivescomimages67946794artist
Associated acts  Thrones The Melvins Earth Sunn O))) High on Fire Men's Recovery Project The Need Witchypoo The Whip Harvey Milk C Average Sue P. Fox Loud Machine Snakepit Spirit Bunny Superconductor Godheadsilo The Hoodwinks Moss Eisley Blasphematerion Concrete Mancampus
Music groups  Melvins (1991 – 1992), Thrones
Genres  Doom metal, Drone metal, Sludge metal, Punk rock
Albums  The Bees Made Honey in, Angels of Darkness - Demons, Earth 2, Pentastar: In the Style of Demons, Hex; Or Printing in the Infern
Similar People  Slim Moon, Dylan Carlson, Des Kensel, Adrienne Davies, Jeff Matz

Such hawks such hounds joe preston full interview

Joe Preston (born 1969) is an American rock music bassist and a former band member of Earth, Melvins, Men's Recovery Project, The Need and High on Fire. Preston has also played with Sunn O))), and has a solo project called Thrones. In 2007, he joined Harvey Milk in the studio for the recording of Life... The Best Game in Town and toured with them during their 2008 US and European tours. He is the uncle of actor Dominic Janes.


Joe Preston (bassist) Alien8 Store


Joe Preston (bassist) Steel for Brains Ursa Minor A Conversation With Joe Preston
  • Extra-Capsular Extraction (1991 Sub Pop)
  • 10 1990
  • Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars (1995 No Quarter)
  • Melvins

    Joe Preston (bassist) Joe Preston
  • Salad of a Thousand Delights VHS (1991 Box Dog Video)
  • Lysol CD/LP (1992 Boner Records)
  • "Night Goat" single (1992 Amphetamine Reptile Records)
  • Joe Preston CD/EP (1992 Boner Records)
  • Thrones

    Joe Preston (bassist) Joe Preston
  • Untitled demo cassette (1994 Punk In My Vitamins? Records)
  • Alraune CD (1996 The Communion Label)
  • "The Suckling" 7" (1995 Kill Rock Stars)
  • "Reddleman" 7" (1999 Punk In My Vitamins? Records)
  • "Senex" 7" (1995 Soda Girl Records)
  • Split 7" with Behead the Prophet, No Lord Shall Live (1999 Voice of the Sky Records)
  • White Rabbit 12" EP (1999 Kill Rock Stars)
  • Sperm Whale 12" EP (2000 Kill Rock Stars)
  • Sperm Whale/White Rabbit CD (2000 Kill Rock Stars)
  • Day Late, Dollar Short compilation CD (2005 Southern Lord Records)
  • Late For Dinner 7" (2010 Conspiracy Records)
  • Harvey Milk

    Joe Preston (bassist) Free Music Archive Thrones live at WFMU
  • Life... The Best Game in Town (2008 Hydra Head Records)
  • The Need

  • "Jacky O' Lantern" 7" single (1997 Outpunk Records)
  • The Need CD/LP (1997 Chainsaw Records)
  • The Need w/Joe Preston & DJ Zena 10" EP (1998 Up Records)
  • The Need Is Dead CD (2000 Chainsaw Records)
  • Men's Recovery Project

  • Grappling With the Homonids CD/LP (1998 Vermiform Records)
  • Resist The New Way CD/LP (1999 Vermiform Records)
  • Sunn O)))

  • White1 CD/2xLP (2003 Southern Lord Records)
  • White2 CD/2xLP (2004 Southern Lord Records)
  • Altar (collaboration with Boris, CD 2006, 2xCD ltd. 5000 2006, 3xLP 2007 Southern Lord Records)
  • Oracle 2xCD/LP (2007 Southern Lord Records) (appears on "Belülrol Pusztít" playing Jackhammer)
  • Monoliths & Dimensions CD/2xLP (2006 Southern Lord Records) (Male choir)
  • High on Fire

  • Blessed Black Wings (2005 Relapse Records)
  • Split with Ruins 7"/comic book (2005 Skin Graft Records/Relapse Records)
  • Witchypoo

  • Public Works CD/LP (5 Rue Christine)
  • Everybody Looks Good in a Helmet CD/LP (Kill Rock Stars)
  • Pitching Woo CD (Vermiform Records)
  • Witchypoo Salutes the Space Program 7" (Vermiform Records)
  • Olympia Must Die 7" (Thin the Herd Records)
  • Other

  • C-Average – C-Average CD/LP ( Kill Rock Stars)
  • Godheadsilo – The Scientific Supercake CD/LP ( Kill Rock Stars)
  • Godheadsilo – Skyward in Triumph CD/LP
  • Godheadsilo – Booby Trap 7”
  • Godheadsilo – Thee Friendship Village EP
  • The Hoodwinks – Stab, Stab, Stab CD/LP ( Thin the Herd Records)
  • Loud Machine 0.5 – Loud Machine 0.5 7” ( Yoyo Records)
  • Snakepit – "Wait" b/w "Disease" 7” ( Self Release)
  • Snakepit – "Waste" b/w "Million" 7” (Self Release)
  • Sue P. Fox – Light Matches, Spark Lives CD/LP ( Kill Rock Stars)
  • Superconductor – Touring bassist
  • The Whip – "Freelance Liaison" b/w "Sheep and Goat" 7” ( Wantage Records)
  • Joe Preston and Daniel Menche - Cerberic Doxology ( Anthem Records)
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