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Jocie Kok

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Name  Jocie Kok
Origin  Singapore
Role  Singer

Occupation(s)  Singer
Genres  Mandopop
Years active  2005–present
Record label  Warner Music Group
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Born  21 March 1982 (age 33) (1982-03-21)
Labels  Play Music Warner Music 乐海盛世
Albums  No More Panic, My Darling, 我的答鈴
Similar People  Yang Chengang, Derrick Hoh, O‑Zone, Joi Chua, Shi Xin Hui

Also known as  Jocie Guo Guo Mei Mei

華納新加坡團圓飯 Warner Singapore Reunion Dinner

Jocie Kok (born 21 March 1982), also known as Guo Mei Mei, is a Singaporean female singer who made her first appearance on the entertainment scene in the middle of 2005. She is signed under Singapore record company Play Music which practises packaging and marketing their new artistes as cartoon caricatures on album covers and music videos. Jocie was depicted as a sweet innocent cartoon girl and became famous within weeks of her debut single release.


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The former Singapore Polytechnic student has been an instant success, with her two singles selling a combined 55,000 copies. Jocie is viewed as Warner Music Taiwan's priority artiste with an extensive multimillion-dollar marketing campaign planned for her regional debut and poised to follow in the footsteps of Warner's top Singaporean artiste, Stefanie Sun Yanzi. Her two music videos alone cost a staggering $250,000 to shoot, with top director Lai Wei-kang at the helm.

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Jocie was the first artiste to be granted legal copyrights to sing “"Mouse Loves Rice" (老鼠爱大米)” outside of China; the resulting hit single was the first to make it to the top of Singapore’s RIAS sales chart in 2005. Her first album in 2006, 不怕不怕 (No More Panic), out-competed its competitors and became number one on the RIAS sales chart only 10 days after its release. When released in Taiwan, it would sell more than 60,000 copies and attained Platinum status. For Singapore’s 2006 May-Day concert, she was invited to perform alongside other big Singaporean stars such as Stefanie Sun in front of a crowd of 20,000. Jocie won many “best newcomer” type awards in 2006 such as the “Best Female Newcomer” award from both the 3rd Annual Hit King Awards event that was held in Guangzhou, China and the 6th Annual Global Chinese Music Award Ceremony; she would also win “Best Newcomer” during the Guangdong Radio Station’s 9+2 Billboard Music Pioneer Awards Ceremony along with “2006’s Most Popular Song” award for her “Bu Pa Bu Pa” single.

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In April 2007, she performed at Ray Media’s 7th Annual Music Awards Ceremony. Also in 2007, Jocie received her first six-figure deal to advertise for the Hong Bao Lai ice-cream company in China. Previously, she had also endorsed for Sa Sa Cosmetics and Aji Tei Kyoto Sabo. During 2008, Jocie's second album My Darling reached number 2 on Hong Kong's TVB8 Chart and was awarded "Best Newcomer".

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Jocie's debut single includes the cover of the song "Mouse Loves Rice" (老鼠爱大米), with various remixes.

Jocie Kok Jocie Guo uses hard times as inspiration for new record

Her second single, "No More Panic" (不怕不怕) a Chinese-language cover version of "Dragostea Din Tei" by O-Zone, was released in early November 2005.

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That song was also the title track of Jocie's debut album, known as "不怕不怕" or "No More Panic", which was released in January 2006. The album has her previous hit single "No More Panic" as well as new songs and covers that range from catchy mid-tempo tunes to acoustic folk and sentimental numbers. Among the songs of the album was one titled 勾勾手 (Pinyin: gōu gōu shǒu) which was used as the ending theme of the Singaporean drama 爱的掌门人 (Love Concierge).

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Jocie also published two more albums for Christmas (2006) and Chinese New Year (2007). She had released her newest album titled My Darling (我的答铃) on 22 October 2007. The album included a cover of Ann Winsborn's La La Love on My Mind. In the following year towards the end of May, a CD+DVD version of My Darling was released and made available worldwide; it would contain 2 bonus tracks and a DVD with 5 of her music videos for My Darling.

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About a year later, Jocie would become the singer for the opening theme song of the 2009 Singaporean drama 一切完美2 (Perfect Cut 2), 放了爱 (Pinyin: fang le ài; roughly translated “to have released love”), whose lyrics were written by award winning lyricist XiaoHan, and the ending theme for the show titled 许愿树 (Pinyin: xǔ yuàn shù; roughly translated “wishing tree”).


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