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Jim Fouratt

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Nationality  American
Known for  Gay activism
Name  Jim Fouratt

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Born  23 June 1945 (age 70) (1945-06-23)
Occupation  Gay activist, entertainer

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Jim Fouratt (23 June 1945?- ) is active in the entertainment industry and gay rights.


Jim fouratt a gay senior talks to hannah a 13 year old new friend about homophobia

Life and works

Jim Fouratt was an early member of the Gay Liberation Front and a participant in the Stonewall riots. Fouratt lived with Carl Miller, Allen Young, and Giles Kotcher in the Seventeenth Street commune. He became the manager for the club Hurrah in 1978, and brought in DJs to create the first "rock disco," with music videos playing as well as live music acts. In 1980, he opened Danceteria with Rudolf Pieper. He has also been a writer for Billboard magazine, where he has been an outspoken critic of rappers such as Eminem. In the late 1990s, Fouratt attempted to launch Beauty Records, a recording imprint funded by Mercury Records' Danny Goldberg, but that project was short-circuited when Mercury's parent corporation, PolyGram, was bought out by Seagram's, and Fouratt's acts were let go.

Fouratt has also been an outspoken critic of transgender identities and transsexualism. He believes that transgender surgeries constitute "mutilation", that gender transitioning is akin to anti-gay reparative therapy, and that transgender identity reinforces gender stereotypes.

When asked by Stephen Colbert in 2009 if there was a leader in the gay community on par with Martin Luther King, Fouratt said, "Well, I would like to think that I'm that leader."


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