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Country  Norway
District  Romerike
Area  7.52 km2

Map of Jessheim

Jessheim is a city in the Ullensaker municipality in Akershus of Norway.


The name "Jessheim" is from Norse Jasseimr or Jesseímr where the first part has unknown origin, while the second part (heimr) means home. It is also possible that the first part "Jess" can mean jarl or jarls (earls). The name was originally used for the Hovin parish.

The railroad had at the initial construction of the railroad in 1854 called the stop "Trøgstad", but because of confusion with the town name Trøgstad in Østfold, the name was changed in 1897 to "Jessum". This name was used blasphemically, for example by military recruits who said they had passed through Bøn (town north of Jessheim) which sounds like "prayer" in Norwegian to Jessum, which could sound like Jesus. The priests in the area complained to the bishop who in 1900 brought the case up with the local council and suggested the form "Jessheim". The name was changed to "Jesseim". In 1920 the railroad changed the spelling to the current form, Jessheim.

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Facilities and landmarks

Jessheim is a center for commerce and regional service functions at Øvre Romerike. The area also has some industry such as a concrete factory that utilizes the sand and gravel resources in the area as well as a wood products manufacturer. Jessheim Storsenter (mall) located in the center of town, is one of the biggest shopping malls in Norway. Jessheim is also home to Ullensaker Kulturhus which is a cultural center with a library and cinema. West of the town is the old royal burial mound Raknehaugen which dates back to between AD 533 and 551.


As at January, 2009, Jessheim's population was estimated to be 15,349. This represents a population increase over the last 10 years of more than 230%, which can be attributed, in part, to the relocation of Oslo Airport, Fornebu, to nearby Gardermoen and the resulting influx of people working at the airport and in supporting services.


Jessheim Station is located on the main track of Norway's first railroad, completed in 1854, and formed the foundation for the later town. From Jessheim trains go north to Dal and south to Oslo. From Gardermoen station there is trains north to Eidsvoll, Hamar and Trondheim as well. The E6 highway runs past on the west side of the town, and is currently being rebuilt to a motorway to the north as well. Distance to Oslo is 41 km along this road, distance along the railroad is 45 km. Jessheim is also an important crossroad between Riksvei 35 westward to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen and Hønefoss, Riksvei 174 to Nannestad and Hurdal, and eastward to Kongsvinger (Riksvei 2).


As of 2016 the local football (soccer) team Ullensaker/Kisa plays in the professional Norwegian First Division.

Notable locals

  • Martin Julius Halvorsen (born 1867), founded the Akershusingen, later Romerikes Blad, in 1902. Typographer and book printer. Best known as M. Jul. Halvorsen
  • Diaz (born 1976), artist and rap-artist
  • Ole Kristian Furuseth (born 1967), slalom racer.
  • Anniken Huitfeldt (born 1969), Politician
  • Tanja Hansen (born 1973), former porn star
  • Egil Nyhus (born 1962), illustrator
  • Solveig Kloppen (born 1971), Actress and TV-hostess. Most known as the hostess of Norwegian Idol.
  • Galder, artist and black metal-musician (Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child)
  • Memnock, artist and black metal-musician (Susperia)
  • Shagrath, artist and black metal-musician (Dimmu Borgir, Fimbulwinter, Chrome Division)
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