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Jessalyn Wanlim

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Nationality  Canadian
Name  Jessalyn Wanlim
Height  5' 4" (1.63 m)
Net worth   $1-10 Million

Years active  2003-present
Occupation  Actress, model
Role  Actress
Jessalyn Wanlim smiling while wearing white top

Born  September 3, 1982 ( Age 38 ) (1982-09-03) Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Ethnicity  Filipino-Chinese,Indonesian,Canadian
Movies  A Cinderella Story: On, The Good Guy, Alex Cross, Frenemies, Loving Leah
Similar People  Damon Santostefano, Matthew Lintz, Megan Park, Missi Pyle, Freddie Stroma

Jessalyn Wanlim (born September 3, 1982) is a Canadian actress who started out as a model, and went on to become an actor. She’s done many TV shows and movies. She is best known for her role as Evie Cho in the critically acclaimed BBC America's science fiction series, Orphan Black. Her most recent show is Workin' Moms, where she played the role of Jenny Mattews. Many Gossip Girl fans would also know her as Pauletta Cho, even though she appeared for only three episodes. She is also well known for her recurring role as Patty Hong in Scoundrels.


Jessalyn wanlim at an Event

Jessalyn Wanlim's hand on her head while wearing black long sleeves mini dress


Jessalyn Wanlim' s infographic about her personal life and career


Even though born and bought up in Calgary, Canada Jessalyn Wanlim’s father is of Asian origin, and her mother is a Filipino

According to her Twitter Account she loves Poutine and ice cream.

She is a martial arts expert who pays very close attention to her health and fitness and makes sure not to skip her work out routine. 

Wanlim appeared on almost fifty episodes in the series All My Children which aired during 2006 - 2009. 

She has struggled for seven years to earn a place in the industry, and so there is no doubt that her success is well-deserved. 

Her rise to popularity was rather fast as she played prominent roles in America's Orphan Black and Disney's Lab Rats. 

Her most recent Netflix series - Workin' Moms further glorified her talents and her knack for natural acting

Jessalyn Wanlim VO demo

Life and career

There are hundreds of people who enter the entertainment industry every year, but very few are able to have an impact on the audience - one such artist is Jessalyn Wanlim.

She is 36 years of age, and is still considered to be one of the most stunning actresses, just as many blogs and interviews have described her. This versatile artist isn’t just an actor who takes up every role that comes her way. 

We’ve mostly seen her in roles that are either negative or serious. She says, these roles aren’t negative, but rather misunderstood. She’s already come a long way since singing in school.  

Wanlim first became a stage actress and then began acting in TV shows where she landed her first role as Rachael, the nanny in the series called All My Children. She appeared in in about fifty episodes from 2006 to 2009. During the same time period, she appeared in Gossip Girl as Paulleta Cho. Wanlim has also made an appearance in Modern Family, Melissa & Joey, Bones, CSI :NY and more. 

She is an expert in martial arts, Muay Thai and Wu-Shu. She is super committed to her health and fitness and prefers not to miss out on her work outs ever. No wonder she’s topped the list of the ‘hottest’ actors. It is important to note that she thinks her characters should not be disliked, including her latest and most self-centred character, Jenny Matthews. 

This also includes the much-despised villain Evie Cho, whom she portrayed in the fourth season of Orphan Black. It even includes Fiona, the hostess of a restaurant in an episode of Modern Family. She looks at her characters with more sympathy than most viewers do.

As a woman of Asian race, Jessalyn has experienced a great deal of discrimination and rejection in an industry dominated by white men. She is an opinionated actor who has undergone seven years of struggle. She has faced a lot of rejection because she is a woman of colour and people don’t want to see them as leading ladies on screen. Her fears turned out to be true when Emma Stone was cast in Aloha, in 2015, instead of her, and was made to play a character of mixed race. 

Her seven years of struggle have finally earned her a place in Hollywood. Hollywood agrees that Jessalyn deserves every bit of success. Her latest show Workin' Moms has gotten her great appreciation from the audience, as well as, the critics. The show is from the point of view of motherhood and how being a mother can be a pain sometimes, especially while dealing with work simultaneously. Jessalyn plays Jenny, a mom who is tired of being a mother and wife already. She’s tired of being a perfect mom and wife, and being there for her husband who keeps experimenting with new jobs all the time.  

Now with Workin' Moms, Jessalyn is preparing for a role of a lifetime. Workin' Moms has been created by a woman, directed by a woman and starts mostly women. In an industry dominated by men, She seems to feel that this is a great concept for a show, where the joys of motherhood are being shown from the perspective of a mother who is juggling a million things at a time. Jenny’s part went to her because she was able to fit perfectly into the stereotype of a young, cute American mom with a timid personality. 

Having the genes of a father who is of Asian descent, she has the opportunity play Chinese American roles and characters. She has also auditioned for various Filipino parts, but nothing has yet worked out. 

Jessalyn, apart from her films and TV shows, has a strong background in martial arts and sees no problem while people cast asian actors for these roles. 

She is extremely furious and frustrated at the same time with the way studios treat coloured actors and expect them to know martial arts and kung fu.

Her personality is wired differently. She finds comfort in the conventional method of getting a part and admits she’s a control freak.

Though millions of people dream of achieving stardom, only a few can do so. Jessalyn Wanlim has established her signature style in acting, which will leave a long-lasting mark in the entertainment industry. 

Jessalyn Wanlim with black curly hair and wearing white sando

Ethnicity & Background

Jessalyn Wanlim’s ethnicity doesn’t come from her being born and raised in Calgary, Canada, since Jessalyn’s mother is of Filipino descent and her father is of Chinese Indonesian descent. Though their ancestors were from the Asian region, Jessalyn's nationality is still Canadian, and she currently lives in Los Angeles, California

Jessalyn Wanlim wearing gray jacket


Jessalyn Wanlim has some 10 odd movies to her credit as well. Some of them being, The Assassin where she played the role of a singer. She also played a minor role in My Sassy Girl, the role of Amy in The New Twenty, and another minor role in Loving Leah. She has also played the role of Summer in Five, the role of Angela in A Cinderella Story : Once Upon a Song, the role of Cherie in Frenemies, Paramita Megawati in Alex Cross and the role of Sharla in the film In My Dreams.

Movies List 

2005   Je préfère qu'on reste amis
2005   The Assassin
2008   My Sassy Girl
2008   The New Twenty
2009   Loving Leah
2011   Five
2012   Frenemies
2012   Alex Cross
2014   In My Dreams

TV Shows 

Below are all the TV Shows in which Jessalyn Wanlim appeared.

2007   Gossip Girl
2008   Do Not Disturb
2008   The Border
2009   Life on Mars
2009   Psych
2009   CSI: NY
2009   Bones
2010   Fake It Til You Make It
2010   Scoundrels
2011   Melissa & Joey
2011   The Closer
2013   Modern Family
2014   Bad Teacher
2015   Lab Rats: Bionic Island
2016   Orphan Black
2017   Workin' Moms
2017   Colony  (Character Angelica)
2018   9-1-1
2019   The Affair 

Jessalyn Wanlim’s Husband / Partner

Actress Jessalyn Wanlim is currently in a relationship with Brett Howell. Even though Wanlim is known for her several, ground-breaking portrayals in film and television, the actress has never been married and she is currently in a relationship. Her beautiful posts on Instagram and Twitter point out that she is now in a happy relationship. On Valentine's Day, Jessalyn shared an all-smiles and hearts photo with Brett, which might indicate their upcoming marriage. As of now, we know she is with Brett Howell. There hasn't been any other information regarding how they meet, or where they met, when were the three magical words said, etc. 

Her Character Pauletta Cho in Gossip Girl

Jessalyn Wanlim smiling and wearing black blouse

When she appeared in All My Children  during  2008-2009 It was during this period she also appeared in the role of Pauletta Cho, a minor role in the TV series Gossip Girl. She played role of Pauletta Cho in three episodes of Gossip Girl the first episode Victor/Victrola in 2007, Carrnal Knowledge in 2009 and You've Got Yale! in 2009.In addition to these, she also appeared in Melissa & Joey, Modern Family, Bones, Workin' Moms, and several other TV shows.

Role in All My Children

Her character in All My Children was that of a nanny called Rachael.Her incredible portrayal as Rachael in All My Children marked the Canadian based American heartthrob Jessalyn Wanlim’s rise to fame.

Her Character & Role of Jenny Matthews in Workin Moms

Catherine Reitman, Juno Rinaldi, Dani Kind, and Sarah McVie in the 2017 tv series, Workin' Moms

Jessalyn Wanlim plays the character of Jenny Mathews in Workin' Moms. This IT specialist first finds it excruciating to part from her newly born baby girl, Zoe and go back to work. But eventually, she succumbs to the needs of her family and returns to the office. But, she ends up finding herself in a very different situation where she is very much attracted to her new manager.

The show Workin' Moms revolves around the lives of four mothers who return to their respective workplace after their maternity leave comes to an end. There is no doubt that every working mother can relate to the portrayal of motherhood by the incredibly talented actress. From the difficulties involved in pumping breast milk in the workplace to not having a proper room to accommodate the needs of working mothers - this series shows the unknown struggles of working mothers.

Jessalyn Wanlim carrying a toddler in a scene from the 2017 tv series, Workin' Moms

Jenny Mathews can be defined as a wholesome, cute, highly attractive, fresh out of sorority, and supporting her whole family, new mom. She has enjoyed every moment of her time bonding with her daughter - Zoe. Though indecisive at first, she is emotionally forced to keep her end of the promise to her struggling screenwriter husband - Ian. She goes back to work to support her family and help Ian follow his dreams. From feeling trapped in a loveless relationship to her office cubicle - Jenny fails to figure out the reason why she is no more attracted to the man she once loved. She continually tries to answer the terrifying question about her existence throughout the series. 

Jenny Mathews is a woman with a timid personality who is juggling several things regularly. Jessalyn Wanlim's acting in Workin' Moms has earned her the title of being a spunky character who is lost in her existential queries.  


Having delivered some great roles throughout her career, if not the leading roles, her net worth has been calculated at around $1-10 million and this includes everything from endorsements and social media posts. 


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