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Jess Mynes

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Jess Mynes


Sky Brightly Picked

Jess Mynes Many of you may already know Wendell poet Jess Mynes as one of the

Review of Jess Mynes' If and When

Jess Mynes (born 1970) is a poet and is editor of Fewer and Further Press. He lives in Wendell, Massachusetts and works an Assistant Dean of Library and Academic Support Services at a community college. From humble beginnings, he grew up in Cadyville, NY where many of his ideals were formed. The only son of a Restaurant owner and his wife, his experiences at "Jock's Lunch" brought Jess many of his early themes seen in his earlier works. Simple tastes from a simple place, can be seen throughout his works. "All American Boy Genius" best describes this keen man's beginnings, where he attended Saranac High School. He not only boasted Captain of his football team, champion scholar, "best dressed," "sweetest Mustang" among others, his general intuitiveness about people and his observations can be seen in his work. His upbringing was on the surface, what every American boy dreams. Good looks, smarts and all around general charisma gave this young man his drive to succeed. Jess found his style of poetry blossomed at his Alma mater, St Lawrence University, where he did receive a BA in Literature, 1992. Surrounded by many bland, unintelligent, not very exciting students in an almost mind numbing experience, he "took to the trees" to explore his deeper inner truer self and sub surface feelings by starting his more intense writings there.


Going forward, Jess spent almost the next twenty (20) years writing as the moment or mood struck. His focus was his own and for only the reasons only a poet can know. No words of description here, can explain the poets own. After several attempts at publishing, he was fundamental in and plays a pivotal role in "Fewer and Further Press" 's endeavors. His style is simple, unnerving. His works, powerful. Many observations on the human condition, and many meanderings on what we are here to achieve as well as other deep rooted baggage we all carry are his focus.

For many years he helped organize “All Small Caps” open mic reading series that ran every last Monday for seven years out at The Déja Brew in Wendell. Alas, like bell bottomed trousers, this too has past.

Recent accomplishments include an article written here: and see the links below the "External Links" site here.


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