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Jess Benhabib

Nationality  Turkish
Education  Columbia University
Name  Jess Benhabib

Alma mater  Columbia University
Institution  New York University
Fields  Macroeconomics
Jess Benhabib Jess Benhabib
Born  9 June 1948 (age 67) (1948-06-09) Istanbul
Books  Engonenous Fertility and Growth

Jess benhabib democracy and income distribution

Jess Benhabib (born 9 June 1948) is a professor at New York University, and known for his contributions to growth theory and sunspot equilibria.

Benhabib earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1976. He started his teaching career as an assistant professor at University of Southern California. In 1980, he became an associate professor at New York University and remained there ever since. Between 1984 and 1987 he served as Chairman of the Economics Department at NYU.

Benhabib has also been a co-editor of the renowned Journal of Economic Theory.

Selected publications

  • ———; Spiegel, Mark M. (1994). "The Role of Human Capital in Economic Development: Evidence from Aggregate Cross-Country Data". Journal of Monetary Economics. 34 (2): 143–173. doi:10.1016/0304-3932(94)90047-7. 
  • ———; Farmer, Roger E. A. (1994). "Indeterminacy and Increasing Returns". Journal of Economic Theory. 63 (1): 19–41. doi:10.1006/jeth.1994.1031. 
  • ———; Rogerson, Richard; Wright, Randall (1991). "Homework in Macroeconomics: Household Production and Aggregate Fluctuations". Journal of Political Economy. 99 (6): 1166–1187. JSTOR 2937726. doi:10.1086/261796. 
  • Baumol, William J.; ——— (1989). "Chaos: Significance, Mechanism, and Economic Applications". Journal of Economic Perspectives. 3 (1): 77–105. JSTOR 1942966. doi:10.1257/jep.3.1.77. 
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