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Jesper Mogensen

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Name  Jesper Mogensen

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Hjerneforsker jesper mogensen afliver myter om hjerneskade

Jesper Mogensen is a Danish neuroscientist who works as a professor at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Psychology, and is the founder and head of The Unit for Cognitive Neuroscience (UCN) and director of Research Centre for Brain Injury Rehabilitation (ReCBIR).


Some of his primary research areas include Cognitive neuroscience; Functional recovery; Learning; Memory; Comparative neuropsychology etc. More specifically, Jesper Mogesen has among other things recently developed the Reorganization of Elementary Functions (REF)-model that deals with the seemingly contradiction between the localization and post-traumatic recovery of various functions in the brain with respect to the understanding of neural substrate and post-traumatic recovery of cognitive functions in general.

Some of his new research conducted in rats suggests that a combination of stress and exercise could shorten rehabilitation time after a potential stroke. Summarized by Niels Ebdrup: "Professor Mogensen's research in rats can explain the mystery of how human beings can relearn how to talk and find their way around despite the fact that a significant part of the brain has been damaged."

Prof. Mogensen has also occasionally appeared on Danish TV, radio broadcast and written press concerning various scientific matters, for instance brain doping, exercise and stress.

In 1980 he finished his interdisciplinary studies at the University of Copenhagen (primarily medicine and psychology) and became a in neuroscience and psychology in 1985.


Some of Mogensen's recent publications are listed below:

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