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Jesper Møller

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Jesper Moller

Jesper m ller

Jesper Moller (Danish: Møller) is a Danish Animator, Screenwriter and Movie-director. Since beginning his career in animation and the movies in the late 1980s, Jesper Moller has participated in creating a vast number of Danish, European and American animated feature films (see below). After initially working as character animator at Sullivan Bluth Studios under the direction of animation legend Don Bluth, he joined Danish animation studio A. Film A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark. Amassing credits as directing animator, storyboard artist and character designer, he went on to become a central key in establishing A. Film A/S as Europe’s leading feature animation studio and a household name at the majors in the US. After a period as the creative head of Feature Animation, also acting as sequence director on several films, he went on to co-direct (with Stefan Fjeldmark) the 2006 cinema hit Asterix and the Vikings, based on R. Goscinny and A. Uderzo's legendary comic book.


Since then, he has been focusing mainly on developing, writing and directing international feature films. (See below)

In March 2008, Jesper Møller founded Copenhagen-based independent movie company Parka Pictures ApS. In January 2012 veteran German animation producer Lilian Klages joined Parka Pictures as CEO and Executive Producer.

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Awards & Nominations

In 2011, Jesper Møller was nominated “Director of the Year” at the Cartoon Movie 2011 in Lyon - France, for Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams.


1988-1990: Animator on All Dogs Go to Heaven, Rock-a-Doodle and A Troll in Central Park.

1991: Animator on FernGully: The Last Rainforest.

1992: Animator on Once Upon a Forest.

1993: Animator on Thumbelina.

1993: Animator on Asterix Conquers America.

Supervising animator on Jungledyret Hugo.

1994: Animator on Felidae.

1994-1995: Storyboard/Development/Directing animator on All Dogs Go to Heaven 2.

Directing animator on Jungledyret Hugo 2.

1996-1997: Sequence Director on Quest for Camelot.

1998-1999: Storyboard/Development/Directing animator on Help! I'm a Fish.

2000: Storyboard/Development on Troll Story.

2001: Sequence Director on Eight Crazy Nights.

Storyboard on Tarzan II.

2002-2006: Director on Asterix and the Vikings.

2006-: Director on Mikisoq.

2006-2009: Director on Mullewapp (Friends Forever- How it all began).

2008-2009: Director on Sandman – and the Lost Sand of Dreams.

2009: Screenplay on Mikisoq.

2009-2011: Screenplay on Marnie’s World.

2010-2011: Director on Prototyp (Pilot). (In development)

2011: Screenplay on Hurvi and the Magic Museum. (In Development)


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