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Jerry Ropero

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Origin  Belgium
Name  Jerry Ropero
Website  Facebook
Genres  House music
Jerry Ropero STARJAYS International DJ Booking Agency DJ Booking
Also known as  Avantgarde, NBG, Avenida and many more JR
Occupation(s)  DJ, Producer, Publisher, Composer, Writer
Labels  Interlabel Music Germany, Gimmify Corporation, Bercall GmbH, NRY Fashion GbR
Role  Music Producer ยท
Albums  Get Down Reloaded, Soul Heaven 2.0 (feat. Terri B)
Similar People  Tom Novy, Abigail Bailey, Terri Bjerre, Michael Simon, Kathy Brown

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Jerry Ropero (born May 11, 1971 as Jerry Ropero Verlackt) is a Belgian in Antwerp born Spanish house music DJ and producer, publisher and composer/writer, married to Anita Ropero, worldwide known as Narany, Croatians number 1 EDM artist. Achieved numerous hits worldwide, hitting most of all possible charts. Son of Paco Paco, who scored a worldwide hit in 1973 with "Taka Taka Ta" and grandchild of Al Verlane, one of the most outstanding Belgian Jazz musicians. Older brother of Timmy Ropero, also musician and composer/writer, living in Spain and producing most of Spanish pop artists and bands.


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Early career

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Ropero's career began in the 90's in Belgium, when he joined the group Natural Born Grooves. He released his first two tracks under his own name, "All Over" and "Drive", in 1996. His earliest mainstream success came in 1999, when he released, together with DJ Maui and Terri Bjerre aka Terri B!- known together as Avant Garde, the track Get Down, which peaked at position 12 in Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart, and stayed on that chart for 13 weeks. The group released their second single two years later, in 2001, titled "Don't Stop", which didn't achieve the same success as the group's debut. Later in 2004 they released a maxi single titled "Get Down (Again)" containing new remixes to their old classic.

After Avant Garde

After Avant Garde, Ropero continued publishing music under his own name, releasing his music under several labels, most notably Positiva and Joia, but most of his work has been remixing for other artists, such as Danzel, Paps 'n' Skar, and Kate Ryan. Most of his mainstream success since Avant Garde has however resulted from collaborating with Denis The Menace, another German-born DJ/producer, under several different aliases (Michael Simon, JR & DTM, Avalanche, Clubworxx, among others), together producing remixes as well as their own material, such as Coracao, Mombasa, and Time 2 Turn Around. Their work has been included on several compilations released by some of the biggest labels in the house scene, including Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi.


  • "All Over" (1996)
  • "Drive" (1996)
  • "Nite & Day" (2002)
  • "Home Alone" (2006)
  • "Ocean Drums" (2006)
  • "The Storm" (featuring Cozi Costi) (2006)
  • "Videoscream" (2006)
  • "Berimbau" (2007)
  • "Music" (2007)
  • "Bangladesh" (2008)
  • "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" (2008)
  • "Organ of Love (Want Love)" (2008)
  • Remixes

  • Influence - Funky (Jerry Ropero & Jams Personal Edit) (1997)
  • Groove Masters - Just A Little Bit (DJ Jams & Jerry Ropero X-Tended) (1997)
  • Latin Thing - I Will Follow (Open Minds Club Vocal Mix) (1998)
  • Spanic - Such Is Life (DJ Jams & Jerry Ropero Full Intention Mix) (1998)
  • Negrocan - Cada Vez (Jerry Ropero's Avant Garde Remix) (2000)
  • Kitch - Cosmic Distance (Jerry Ropero's Avantgarde Mix) (2000)
  • Cherubia - Devil In Disguise (Jerry, Michael & Miko's Hard Dub Mix) (2000)
  • Cherubia - Devil In Disguise (Jerry, Michael & Miko's Hard Vocal Mix) (2000)
  • Cherubia - Devil In Disguise (Jerry, Michael & Miko's Full Vocal Mix) (2000)
  • House Of Glass - Disco Down (J. Ropero & M. Simon Mix) (2000)
  • Afterfive - Get Down (And Boogie) (Jerry Ropero's Avant Garde Remix) (2000)
  • B-15 Project - Girls Like Us (J Ropero & M Simon Remix) (2000)
  • Noname - Off (Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon 2nite Mix) (2000)
  • Paps 'n' Skar - Turn Around (Jerry Ropero Club Mix) (2000)
  • Paps 'n' Skar - Turn Around (Jerry Ropero Instrumental Club Mix) (2000)
  • Onionz & Master D - TZ's Tango (Jerry Ropero's Avant Garde Mix) (2000)
  • Orphean - My People (Jerry Ropero Mix) (2001)
  • Dax Riders - People (Todd & Jerry Ropero Mix) (2001)
  • Sound Of Pink - Everybody Knows... (Jerry Ropero & Timo Milewski Rmx) (2002)
  • Sound Of Pink - Everybody Knows... (Avant Garde vs Sandro Sandrino Rmx) (2002)
  • Giorgio - Tanga (Jerry Ropero & Sandrino Remix) (2002)
  • Aguero - Malembe (Jerry Ropero & Sandro Sandrino Club Mix) (2003)
  • DJ Antoine - Back & Forth (DJ Squad vs. Jerry Ropero Avantgarde 303 Mix) (2004)
  • DJ Antoine - Back & Forth (DJ Squad vs. Jerry Ropero Avantgarde Mix) (2004)
  • Avalanche - Everybody Sing (Jerry Ropero's Avant Garde Mix) (2004)
  • Avant Garde - Get Down (Again) (Jerry Ropero's Avantgarde Mix) (2004)
  • Mendoca Do Rio - Magalenha (Jerry Ropero's Avantgarde & Sandro Sandrino Mix) (2004)
  • I.K.L. Vs. Amygdala - Paixao (Jerry Ropero's "Avantgarde" Mix) (2004)
  • Danzel - Pump It Up! (Jerry Ropero & Dennis The Menace Remix) (2004)
  • Raw Style - All Day And All Of The Night (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2005)
  • Geraldo Feat. Dennis LeGree - Caribbean Queen (Jerry Ropero's Pumpin' Mix) (2005)
  • Anneke van Hooff - Give (Jerry Ropero Mix) (2005)
  • Jon Smith & Mark Wilcox Love Changes (Everything) (Jerry Ropero vs Supernova Dub Mix) (2005)
  • Sweet Coffee - Special Kind Of Feeling (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2005)
  • Oliver Backens & Stefan Gunwald - Alive (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2006)
  • Shapeshifters - Incredible (Denice The Mence & Jerry Ropero Dubmental Mix) (2006)
  • Sami Dee & Freddy Jones vs. Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman 2006 (La-Da-Dee) (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2006)
  • Carnival - Not Over Yet (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2006)
  • Big World Presents Swen G - Morning Light (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2006)
  • Brainbug - Nightmare (The 2nd Chapter) (Jerry Ropero vs. Clubworxx Remix) (2006)
  • TJM - Small Circle Of Friends (Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon Re-Broke Remix) (2006)
  • TJM - Small Circle Of Friends (JR & MS Gramm In Package Remix) (2006)
  • Wawa - Sunshine (Jerry Ropero Back To Basics Mix) (2006)
  • Royal Gigolos - Tell It To My Heart (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2006)
  • Funky Monkeys - The Beat Conductor (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2006)
  • Patric La Funk - You Never Know (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2007)
  • Bel Amour - Bel Amour 2007 (Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon Remix) (2007)
  • Steve'n King - Bounce (Jerry Ropero vs. Michael Simon Remix) (2007)
  • Tiesto Feat. BT - Break My Fall (Jerry Ropero vs NBG Afterhours Remix) (2007)
  • Dada Feat. Sandy Rivera & Trix - Lollipop (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2007)
  • Syke 'n' Sugarstarr - Danz (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2007)
  • Natural Born Grooves - Groovebird (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2007)
  • Terri B* Vs. Jerry Ropero - Hands To The Sky (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2007)
  • Ian Carey Feat. Michelle Shellers - Keep On Rising (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2007)
  • D.O.N.S & DBN Feat. Kadoc - The Nighttrain (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2007)
  • Ernesto Vs. Bastian - Unchained Melody (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2007)
  • Cafe Groove - Why You Wanna Do Me Wrong (Denis The Menace & Jerry Ropero's Club Mix) (2007)
  • Michi Lange - Brothers And Sisters (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2008)
  • Kate Ryan - Ella Elle L'a (Jerry Ropero Bigroom Remix) (2008)
  • The House Keepers - Hangin' On (Jerry Ropero & Michi Lange Remix) (2008)
  • Voltaxx & Lissat - House Music (Jerry Ropero Mix) (2008)
  • Alexander Marcus - Papaya (Jerry Ropero & Michi Lange Remix) (2008)
  • Nick Nite Vs. Tex Mex - Mexico (Keep Movin' Keep Groovin - Denis The Menace & Jerry Ropero Remix) (2008)
  • Tom Novy Feat. Abigail Bailey - Runaway (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2008)
  • Mike Di Scala & Colin Airey - Space & Time (Jerry Ropero Mix) (2008)
  • Dance 2 Trance - Power Of American Natives 2009 (Jerry Ropero Mix) (2009)
  • Dance 2 Trance - Power Of American Natives 2009 (Jerry Ropero Radio Version) (2009)
  • Lian Ross - Young Hearts Run Free (Jerry Ropero Remix) (2013)
  • Songs

    Cancion Del Mariachi feat Gitano
    Ocean Drums [Feat Kathy Brown]
    Touch Me
    Time 2 Turn Around
    Hands Up to the Sky
    Fuck U
    Soul Heaven
    Organ of Love
    Love is beautiful
    Club Bizarre
    Put Your Hands Up In the Air
    Hands to the Sky
    Soul Heaven 2013
    The Real Thing 2013 [feat Kash]
    Get Down Reloaded
    I Get What I Want
    Home Alone
    Del Mariachi
    Play It Again
    Soul Heaven 2014
    Pink Banana
    Konoba 3XXL
    Get Down Reloaded
    Let Me Be Your Fantasy
    All Around the World


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