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Jeff Pezzati

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Genres  Punk rock, Pop punk
Name  Jeff Pezzati
Occupation(s)  Musician
Role  Singer
Instruments  Vocals, bass guitar
Movies  You Weren't There
Years active  1980–present

Jeff Pezzati Jeff Pezzati from Naked Raygun to The Bomb Interview
Labels  Ruthless, Homestead, Quarterstick, Caroline, No Idea, Thick, Riot Fest, Jettison
Associated acts  Naked Raygun, Big Black, The Bomb
Origin  Chicago, Illinois, United States
Music groups  Naked Raygun, Big Black (1983 – 1984), The Bomb
Albums  Free Shit!, What Poor Gods We Do Make, Throb Throb, All Rise, Basement Screams

Jeff pezzati singing rat patrol with napervillain milfs

Jeffrey Neal "Jeff" Pezzati is the lead singer for the popular Chicago punk band, Naked Raygun. From 1983 to 1985, he was also the bass player for the internationally known band Big Black. In 1980, Jeff Pezzati was a member of a suburban cover band, Condor, when he was asked to audition for Naked Raygun (then known as Negro Commando) by the founders, Santiago Durango and Jeff's brother, Marco Pezzati. Jeff passed the audition and became the band's longest-running member. He has ancestors from North Italy in Lombardy, close to Milan.


Jeff Pezzati Jeff Pezzati singing with Fall Out Boy Naked Raygun

Jeff is currently also in the band The Bomb.

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Fall out boy x jeff pezzati of naked raygun new dreams riotfest chicago 2013

Big Black

Jeff Pezzati Jeff Pezzati Jaded In Chicago
  • Bulldozer (1983)
  • Racer-X (EP) (1984)
  • The Hammer Party LP (1986)
  • Naked Raygun

    Jeff Pezzati Jeff Pezzati Jaded In Chicago
  • Basement Screams EP (1983)
  • Throb Throb LP (1985)
  • All Rise LP (1986)
  • Jettison LP (1988)
  • Understand? LP (1989)
  • Raygun...Naked Raygun LP (1990)
  • Last of the Demohicans CD (1997)
  • Free Shit! live LP/CD (2001)
  • What Poor Gods We Do Make CD (2007)
  • Burning Red / Out of Your Mind Single (2013)
  • Can't Let Go / Just For Me Single (2014)
  • Vanilla Blue / Slim Single (1989)
  • Iron Maiden / Single (2012)
  • Home Single (1990)
  • The Bomb

    Jeff Pezzati Naked Raygun Jaded In Chicago
  • Arming EP (1999)
  • Torch Songs LP (2000)
  • Indecision LP (2005)
  • Speed Is Everything LP (2009)
  • The Challenger LP (2011)
  • "Axis of Awesome EP (2014)

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