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Je vais vite

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Recorded  France
Length  3:33
Genre  Dance-pop, electropop
Released  23 September 2007 (digital download) 3 December 2007 (single and maxi)
Format  CD single, CD maxi, digital download
Label  Sony BMG, Columbia, Vogue

"Je vais vite" is the name of the 2007 song recorded by French singer Lorie. It was released as the first single from her fifth studio album, 2lor en moi ?. It was first made available for download on 23 September 2007 and was later released as a physical single on 3 December 2007. The song, which has dance and electro sonorities, achieved success in France, and Belgium (Wallonia).



"Je vais vite" became Lorie's very first club hit ; its style was compared to Kylie Minogue's and it officially became Lorie's first break into the dance scene. Lorie helped promote the song by performing on shows such as Star Academy (France) and Hit Machine. She was also a guest on multifarious French shows between October 2007 and January 2008. Lots of magazines interviewed Lorie who talked about the song and its remixes, her style's metamorphosis and her new look. The following single, "Play", didn't achieve the same success.

Music video

The music video for "Je vais vite" became a favorite on lots of music channels ; it featured dancers performing the then-new dance tecktonik and Lorie dancing all along. Other versions were made available for the song's remixes. The videos aired on most of the French music channels.

Track listings

After the official physical release of "Je vais vite", a CD containing remixes was released in order to help promote both the single and its parent album. Lorie explained in an interview that the remixes CD was released because of the amassing number of remixes for "Je vais vite" and its ascending club play.

CD single
  1. "Je vais vite" — 3:33
  2. "Je vais vite" (spencer & hill radio mix) — 3:38
  3. "Lonely" (thriller jill radio edit) 2AM featuring Lorie — 2:53
CD maxi
  1. "Je vais vite" (spencer & hill 12" mix) — 6:08
  2. "Je vais vite" (thriller jill 12" mix) — 8:11
  3. "Je vais vite" (Benoît Courti 12" mix) — 4:55
  4. "Je vais vite" (asdorve original extended mix) — 5:48
CD single - Promo
  1. "Je vais vite" — 3:33
CD single - Remixes
Digital download
  1. "Je vais vite" — 3:33
  2. "Je vais vite" (spencer & hill radio mix) — 3:38
  3. "Je vais vite" (spencer & hill 12" mix) — 6:08
  4. "Je vais vite" (thriller jill 12" mix) — 8:11
  5. "Je vais vite" (Benoît Courti 12" mix) — 4:55
  6. "Je vais vite" (asdorve original extended mix) — 5:48
  7. "Je vais vite" (remix funky town) — 3:26


"Je vais vite" became very successful in France and Belgium but unfortunately for Lorie, her music style change didn't attract enough fans; therefore, unlike her previous singles, it was never certified despite sales of over 73,000 copies.


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