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Javier Gomá

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Region  Western Philosophy
Name  Javier Goma

Role  Philosopher
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Philosophical era  Contemporary philosophy

El problema de una democracia sin ideal por javier gom conferencia completa

Javier Gomá Lanzón (Bilbao, 1965) is a Spanish writer and essayist, author of the tetrology on exemplarity and a dramatic monologue. He is also the Executive Director of the Juan March Foundation.


Javier gom elogio de una filosof a mundana


Javier Gomá holds a doctorate in Philosophy as well as two masters degrees, one in Classical Philology (1988) and one in Law (1992). In 1993 he passed the civil service examinations for the Spanish Council of State in first place in his cohort. He has been Executive Director of the Juan March Foundation in Madrid since 1993.

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His philosophic works are part of two collections: Tetralogía de la ejemplaridad [Tetrology of exemplarity] and Filosofía mundana [Worldly philosophy]. He is also the author of Ingenuidad aprendida [Learned naïveté] and La imagen de tu vida [The image of your life]. Gomá has written a dramatic monologue, Inconsolable [Unconsolable], published in full in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo and scheduled for performance by the Centro Dramático Nacional.

His first book, Imitación y experiencia (Immitation and experience), won the 2004 Spanish National Literature Award for non-Fiction.

Gomá is a member of the boards of the Spanish Royal Theater and the Teatro Abadía in Madrid. In 2012 and 2014 the Spanish version of Foreign Policy included him in the list of the fifty most influential Ibero-American intellectuals. He has received several awards for his books, has given talks at many Spanish and foreign institutions, and frequently works with newspapers, cultural magazines and radio.

Non-fiction works

Javier Gomá’s most important philosophical works have been published in two collections:

1.- Tetralogía de la ejemplaridad [Tetrology of exemplarity] (Taurus, 2014), the result of a philosophical project developed over a decade and made up of the following works: Imitación y experiencia [Immitation and experience] (2003), Aquiles en el gineceo [Achilles in the gynaeceum] (2007), Ejemplaridad pública [Public exemplarity] (2009) y Necesario pero imposible [Necessary but impossible] (2013). The first two works were first published by Editorial Pre-Textos, and the second two by Taurus, which also published the tetrology as a boxed set and in pocket book format.

2.- Filosofía mundana. Microensayos completos [Worldly philosophy: complete micro-essays] (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2016), which includes the 63 micro-essays that appeared in Spanish newspapers, principally El País, plus some from La Vanguardia. The essays, less six that appear only in the complete collection, had been previously published in two volumes, Todo a mil [Everything at a thousand] (2012) y en Razón: portería [Ask in reception] (2014).

Gomá has also published collections of his essays and talks in Ingenuidad aprendida [Learned naïveté] (2011) and Materiales para una estética [Material for an esthetics] (2013). He is, together with Carlos García Gual and Fernando Savater, co-author of Muchas felicidades [Much happiness] (2014).

Javier Gomá coordinated the collected volume Ganarse la vida en el arte, la literatura y la música [Making a living in art, literature and music] (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2012).

From his professional work in managing foundations he produced the following book: Carta a las fundaciones españolas y otros ensayos del mismo estilo [Letters to Spanish foundations and other essays in the same vein] (2014).


He is the author of "Inconsolable" [Unconsolable], a monological play. The Spanish newspaper El Mundo published the complete work on July 24, 2016. It will have its stage primiere at the María Guerrero Theater in Madrid (part of the Centro Dramático Nacional) on June 28, 2017 with Fernando Cayo performing under the direction of Ernesto Caballero de las Heras1 .


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