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JavaScript graphics library

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A JavaScript graphics library is a collection of functions used to aid in the creation of graphics for either the HTML5 canvas element or SVG. These libraries aid in the development and display of graphic elements like particles, motion, animation, plotting and SVG, 3D graphics and in most cases, also provide easier access to JavaScript events.


Most of these graphic libraries are APIs in name and function, but it can be compared by their merit as graphical libraries.

Distinction between other types of libraries and APIs

There is a distinction to be made between a graphics library, a scene graph, and a physics engine. Examples of each are often visual in nature, although the type of processing is often very different.


There are some of the more frequently updated and feature-rich projects.

  • AnyChart.js
  • BonsaiJS (MIT license)
  • Chart.js (MIT license)
  • Cakejs (MIT license)
  • CreateJS (MIT license)
  • D3 - Data-Driven Documents (BSD license)
  • Dojo Toolkit: dojox.gfx (dual BSD and AFL license)
  • Fabric.js (MIT license)
  • GoJS
  • Google Charts
  • GraphicsJS (BSD license)
  • JenScript (dual AGPL and Commercial)
  • jsDraw2DX (GNU Lesser General Public License)
  • JSGL (GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.0)
  • jsPlumb (MIT license or GNU General Public License version 2.0)
  • KineticJS (MIT license or GNU General Public License version 2.0)
  • oCanvas
  • p5.js (GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1)
  • Paperjs (MIT license)
  • Plotly.js
  • Processing.js
  • Raphael (MIT license)
  • Three.js
  • ZinoCanvas (dual GNU GPLv3 and Commercial)
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