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Jardine is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Al Jardine (born 1942), member of the Beach Boys
  • Alexander Jardine (Medal of Honor) (1874–1949), American Medal of Honor recipient
  • Antonio Jardine (born 1988), NCAA College Basketball player for the Syracuse Orange
  • Cassandra Jardine (1954–2012), British journalist and writer
  • David Jardine (1840-1892), architect in New York City
  • Don Jardine (1940–2006), American professional wrestler
  • Douglas Jardine (1900–1958), English cricketer
  • Sir Ernest Jardine, 1st Baronet (1859–1947), Scottish MP
  • Frank Jardine (ice hockey) (1924–1999), British ice hockey player
  • Francis Lascelles Jardine (1841–1919), Australian pioneer
  • George Jardine, Scottish religious minister and academic
  • George Jardine (rugby league), Australian rugby league footballer
  • George Jardine (organ builder), an American organ builder
  • James Jardine (1776–1858), Scottish civil engineer, mathematician and geologist
  • John E. Jardine (1838-1920), architect in New York City
  • John Jardine (football coach) (d. 1990), American football coach
  • Sir John Jardine, 1st Baronet (1844–1919), Scottish Liberal politician and businessman
  • Keith Jardine (born 1975), American mixed martial artist
  • Lisa Jardine (1944–2015), British historian
  • Ray Jardine American rock climber, lightweight backpacker, inventor, author and global adventurer
  • Rick Jardine Canadian mathematician
  • Quintin Jardine Scottish author
  • William 'Sandy' Jardine (1948-2014), Scottish footballer
  • Taylor Jardine (1990-), lead singer for the pop-punk band We Are The In Crowd
  • James W. Jardine (1908-1977) City of Chicago Water Commissioner 1953 - 1977. The largest capacity water filtration plant in the world, Jardine Water Purification Plant is named for him.
  • Sir William Jardine, 7th Baronet (1800–1874), Scottish naturalist
  • William Jardine (1784–1843), Scottish surgeon and businessman
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