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Janice Meredith

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Director  E. Mason Hopper
Story by  Edward E. Rose
Country  United States
8.5/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Romance
Janice Meredith movie poster

Language  Silent film English intertitles
Release date  December 8, 1924 (1924-12-08)
Based on  Janice Meredith  by Paul Leicester Ford and Edward Everett Rose
Writer  Paul Leicester Ford (novel), Lillie Hayward
Screenplay  Paul Leicester Ford, Lillie Hayward
Cast  Marion Davies (Janice Meredith), Harrison Ford (Charles Fownes), Macklyn Arbuckle (Squire Meredith), Joseph Kilgour (Gen. George Washington), George Nash (Lord Howe), Tyrone Power Sr. (Lord Cornwallis)
Similar movies  Marion Davies appears in Janice Meredith and Lights of Old Broadway

Janice meredith

Janice Meredith, also known as The Beautiful Rebel, is a silent film released in 1924 that is based on the book and play of the same name written by Paul Leicester Ford and Edward Everett Rose. The play opened at the end of 1900 and was the first starring vehicle for stage actress Mary Mannering. The movie follows the actions of Janice Meredith, who helps George Washington and Paul Revere during the American Revolutionary War.


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janice meredith 1924


Following a disappointment in love, Lord Brereton assumes the name of Charles Fownes, arranges passage to the American Colonies as a bondservant, and finds a place with Squire Meredith, a wealthy New Jersey landowner. When Charles falls in love with the squire's daughter, Janice, she is sent to live with an aunt in Boston. Janice learns of the planned British troop movement to the Lexington arsenal and gives the warning that results in Paul Revere's ride. Charles reveals his true station and becomes an aide to Washington. When he is captured by the British, Janice arranges his escape and later helps him learn the disposition of the British troops at Trenton. Janice returns to her home and agrees to marry Philemon Hennion, an aristocrat of her father's choosing. Charles and some Continental troops halt the wedding and confiscate the Meredith lands. Janice flees to Philadelphia, and Charles follows her. He is arrested but is freed when the British general, Howe, recognizes Charles as his old friend, Lord Brereton. Janice and her father retire with the British to Yorktown. During the bombardment by Washington's forces, Lord Clowes binds Janice and abducts her in his coach. Charles rescues her. With peace restored, Janice and Charles meet at Mount Vernon, where they are to be married in the presence of President Washington.


  • Marion Davies as Janice Meredith
  • Holbrook Blinn as Lord Clowes
  • Harrison Ford as Charles Fownes
  • Macklyn Arbuckle as Squire Meredith
  • Joseph Kilgour as General George Washington
  • Hattie Delaro as Mrs. Meredith
  • George Nash as Lord Howe
  • Tyrone Power, Sr. as Lord Cornwallis
  • May Vokes as Susie
  • W.C. Fields as A British Sergeant
  • Olin Howland as Philemon
  • Spencer Charters as Squire Hennion
  • Douglas Stevenson as Captain Mowbrary
  • Lionel Adams as Thomas Jefferson
  • Edwin Argus as Louis XVI
  • Lee Beggs as Benjamin Franklin
  • Nicolai Koesberg as Lafayette
  • Ken Maynard as Paul Revere
  • Burton McEvilly as Alexander Hamilton
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