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Jane Green (actress)

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Jane Green

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Jane Hippisley, subsequently Mrs. Green (died 1791), was an English actress. She was the daughter of John Hippisley and the sister of Elizabeth Hippisley (-1766) who was a minor actress.


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Jane made her first appearance at her father, John Hippisley's, benefit, Covent Garden Theatre, on 18 March 1735, as Cherry in ‘The Stratagem.’ She rose to eminence; was Garrick's Ophelia in his first season at Goodman's Fields; was, as Miss Hippisley, the original Kitty Pry in the ‘Lying Valet,’ and Biddy in ‘Miss in her Teens;’ and as Mrs. Green, which name she took in 1747–8, was the first Mrs. Malaprop. It is suggested that she took the name of Mrs Green to conceal the illegitimate birth of a son. Samuel Cautherley is thought to be her child as the result of a liaison with David Garrick. Samuel was probably born in 1747.

Among her characters were Miss Prue, Anne Page, Perdita, Ophelia, Miss Hoyden, Nerissa, Æmilia, Doll Tearsheet, Duenna, and Mrs. Hardcastle. She played in Dublin in 1751–2, and probably in 1753–4, and acted the ‘Irish Widow’ at Bristol so late as 4 July 1781. But for the rivalry of Mrs. Clive, she would have been the best representative on the stage of old ladies and abigails. Her farewell of the London stage took place 26 May 1780, as Mrs. Hardcastle. She died at her house at Jacob's Well, Bristol, in the winter of 1791.

There is a painting of her and another of her father John Hippisley created by John Hippisley Green.


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