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James Smith (Australian cricketer)

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Full name  James David Smith
2007–2012  South Australia
Role  Batsman

Batting style  Right-handed
Name  James Smith
James Smith (Australian cricketer)
Born  11 October 1988 (age 27) (1988-10-11) Murray Bridge, South Australia

Bowling style  Right-arm off break

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James Smith may refer to:


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Sports figures

  • James Smith (Australian rules footballer) (1899–1974), Australian rules footballer for Richmond Football Club
  • James Smith (boxer) (born 1953), American boxer, nicknamed "Bonecrusher"
  • James Smith (footballer, born 1848) (1848–?), played in first official international football match
  • James Smith (footballer, born 1876) (1876–?), footballer
  • James Smith (footballer, born 1908) (1908–1956), English left back who played for Doncaster Rovers, Lincoln City and Bradford City
  • James Smith (footballer, born 1985), English football player (Southport)
  • James Smith (Scottish footballer) (fl. 1922), Scottish football player (Port Vale)
  • James Smith (sports media figure) (born 1959), American boxer and host of In This Corner
  • James Crosbie Smith (1894–1980), English cricketer
  • James R. Smith (born 1959), American water polo player and coach
  • James Stephen Smith (born 1963), Scottish-born Canadian ice hockey player
  • James Smith (Leicestershire cricketer) (born 1977), English cricketer
  • James Smith (New South Wales cricketer) (1880–1958), Australian cricketer
  • James Smith (South Australia cricketer) (born 1988), Australian cricketer
  • James Smith (Kent cricketer) (fl. 1792–1796), English cricketer
  • James Smith (New Zealand cricketer) (1891–1971), New Zealand cricketer
  • James Smith (sailor) (1909–1982), American sailor and Olympic champion
  • James Smith (sport shooter) (born 1931), American Olympic shooter
  • James Snuka (1943–2017, born James Wiley Smith), Fijian wrestler
  • Military personnel

  • James Smith (Medal of Honor, 1864) (1826–1881), Medal of Honor recipient in the American Civil ar
  • James Smith (Medal of Honor, 1872) (1838–?), Medal of Honor recipient for peacetime actions
  • James A. Smith (Medal of Honor) (1880–1944), Medal of Honor recipient in the Boxer Rebellion
  • James Smith (VC) (1871–1946), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • James Argyle Smith (1831–1901), Confederate general in the American Civil War
  • James Alexander Smith (1881–1968), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • James Floyd Smith (1884–1956), American test pilot and instructor for Glenn Martin
  • James Robert Smith (aviator) (1891–?), World War I flying ace
  • James Thomas Smith (1908–1990), U.S. Navy admiral
  • James Smith (Texas General) (1792–1855), general in the Revolutionary Army of Texas
  • James Smith (frontiersman) (1737–1812/14), American leader of the Black Boys Rebellion against British rule in colonial America
  • James E. Smith Jr., U.S. Army Ranger in the Battle of Mogadishu (1993)
  • James Webster Smith (1850–1876), first black cadet at West Point
  • Entertainers

  • James Smith, British singer and member of Hadouken!
  • James Marcus Smith, singer, better known as P.J. Proby
  • James Prince (James Andre Smith), American founder of Texas-based Rap-A-Lot Records
  • LL Cool J (James Todd Smith, born 1968), American rapper
  • James Smith (actor), English actor
  • James Smith (born 1982), American guitarist for the band Underoath
  • James Smith (born 1982), English drummer for the band Season's End
  • James Smith (born 1999), Finalist in Britain's Got Talent (series 8)
  • Scientists and academics

  • James Smith (anaesthetist) (1917–1986), Scottish anaesthetist
  • James Smith (Scottish botanist) (1763–1848), Scottish botanist
  • James Smith (educator), Scottish principal of Edinburgh University, 1732–1736
  • James Smith (founder), Founder and first president of the National Radio Institute in Washington, D.C.
  • James Smith of Jordanhill (1782–1867), Scottish merchant, antiquarian, architect, geologist and biblical critic
  • James Edward Smith (1759–1828), English botanist and founder of the Linnean Society of London
  • James George Smith (1819–1849), American founder of Beta Theta Pi, a prominent college fraternity
  • James K. A. Smith (born 1970), Canadian-born Associate Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College
  • James Monroe Smith (1888–1949), President of Louisiana State University, 1930–1939
  • James Cuthbert Smith (born 1954), Director of Research at the Francis Crick Institute in London
  • J.L.B. Smith (James Leonard Brierley Smith, 1897–1968), South African ichthyologist
  • Politicians, judges, and civil servants

  • James Smith, 19th-century Canadian Cree Chief, founder of the James Smith First Nation in Saskatchewan
  • James Smith (1806–68), lawyer, judge and political figure in Quebec
  • James Smith (Canadian politician), former commissioner of the Yukon Territory, 1966–1976
  • James Smith (Canada West politician) (1811–1874), lawyer, judge and politician in Canada West
  • James Smith (delegate) (1719–1806), Pennsylvania delegate who signed the United States Declaration of Independence
  • James Smith (New Mexico politician), member of the New Mexico House of Representatives
  • James Smith (New South Wales politician) (1887–1962), former member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly
  • James Smith, Jr. (1851–1927), U.S. Senator from New Jersey
  • James A. Smith (mayor), first mayor of the city of Ridgefield, Washington.
  • James A. Smith (politician) (1911–1993), Canadian Member of Parliament
  • James C. Smith (born 1941), former Florida Attorney General
  • James E. Smith (politician), Comptroller of the Currency of the United States, 1973–1976
  • James E. Smith, Jr. (born 1967), member of the South Carolina House of Representatives
  • James Edward Smith (Toronto) (1831–1892), mayor of Toronto
  • James Francis Smith (1859–1928), U.S. administrator, governor of the Philippines, 1906–1909
  • James Francis Smith (politician) (1844–1908), New South Wales politician
  • James H. Smith, Jr. (1909–1982), U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Navy (AIR), 1953–1956
  • James Joynton Smith (1858–1943), Australian politician
  • James M. Smith (died 1898), New York City politician and judge
  • James MacCallum Smith (1868–1939), Australian politician, newspaper proprietor and stock breeder
  • James Masterton-Smith (1878–1938), British civil servant
  • James Parker Smith (1854–1929), British Member of Parliament for Glasgow Partick, 1890–1906
  • James Peyton Smith (1925–2006), Louisiana politician
  • James Sinclair Smith (1816–?), Scottish-born Canadian politician
  • James Skivring Smith (1825–1884?), U.S.-born Vice President, 1870–1872, and interim President, 1871–1872, of Liberia
  • James Smith (Kansas politician), (born c. 1836), Kansas Secretary of State
  • James Strudwick Smith (1790–1859), U.S. Representative from North Carolina
  • James T. Smith, Jr. (born 1942), American, County Executive of Baltimore County, Maryland
  • James Thorneloe Smith (1825–1902), engineer and politician in Queensland, Australia
  • James Vernon Smith (1926–1973), US Representative from Oklahoma
  • James Vinton Smith (1897–1952), Australian politician
  • James W. Smith, Jr., American, Chief of the Supreme Court of Mississippi
  • James Y. Smith (1809–1876), American, former Governor of Rhode Island
  • Religious scholars and leaders

  • James Smith (priest) (died 1667), Archdeacon of Barnstaple
  • James Smith (Vicar Apostolic of the Northern District) (1645–1711), English Roman Catholic vicar-apostolic
  • James Elishama Smith (1801–1857), British journalist and religious writer
  • James Allwood Smith (1806–1882), American minister and state legislator
  • James Smith (archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh) (1841–1928), Roman Catholic archbishop in Scotland
  • James E. Smith (Bible scholar) (born 1939)
  • James K. A. Smith (born 1970), Canadian-American proponent of Radical Orthodoxy
  • Other

  • James Smith, character in 8 Mile (film)
  • James Smith (writer) (1775–1839), British humorist
  • James Smith (gardener) (died 1789), gardener who journeyed to New Holland (Australia) in 1789
  • James Smith (architect) (c. 1645–1731), Scottish architect
  • James Smith (inventor) (1789–1850), British
  • James Smith (journalist) (1820–1910), Australian journalist
  • James Smith (miner) (1827–1897), Australian miner
  • James Smith (murderer) (1936–1962), English murderer
  • James Allan Smith (1841–1918), fifth Dean of St David's
  • James B. Smith (born 1952), Dean of Engineering, Technology, and Aeronautics at Southern New Hampshire University; former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
  • James E. Smith (engineer), computer engineer and professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • James J. Smith, American law enforcement officer
  • James Kellum Smith (1893–1961), American architect
  • James Lawrence Smith (died 1950), co-owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team
  • James McCune Smith (1813–1865), American physician & activist
  • James Milton Smith (1823–1890), American soldier & politician
  • James Robert Smith (author) (born 1957), American author
  • James Thorne Smith (1892–1934), American author
  • James W. Smith, horse trainer
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