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James Sik Hung Ling

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Nationality  Hong Kong, Chinese
Children  Dr. Samuel Ka Kin Ling
Occupation  Salvation Army Officer
Spouse(s)  Maj. Fona Ling
Residence  Hong Kong, China
James Sik Hung Ling
Born  25 September 1951 Hong Kong (1951-09-25)
Alma mater  Chinese University of Hong Kong
Died  15 November 2001, Hong Kong
Education  Chinese University of Hong Kong

Major James Sik Hung Ling 凌錫洪, D.Min, B.D (25 September 1951 – 15 Nov 2001) was a leader in the Christian community of Hong Kong. He was an Officer of the Salvation Army and pastored multiple congregations; before serving as the General Secretary of the Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Command until he was Promoted to Glory in 2001.


Personal life

James was born on 25 September 1951 in Hong Kong; he was the son of a high-school headmaster whom brought his family to Hong Kong after the Chinese Civil War. James attended Chung Chi College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and received his Bachelor of Divinity in 1981; he was one of the first 'non-academia' pastors in HK to earn a doctorate degree when he obtained his Doctor of Ministry from the Reformed Theological Seminary in 1996.

He met his wife Fona while they were helping at a Billy Graham crusade, they subsequently entered ministry together as Officers. They have a son, Samuel Ling whom is also an alumnus of Chung Chi College.

Salvation Army & Ministry

James' father was a devout christian, and he spent a large portion of his childhood at the local Salvation Army corps. He accepted Christ at a young age and was an active Salvationist; he was an enthusiastic Youth leader and a bandsman in the Salvation Army brass band of his local corps and the staff band of the Hong Kong and Macau Command.

He accepted God's calling in the 1970s and entered the Salvation Army's Training College in Hong Kong. After graduation, he was ordained to serve in multiple Corps; including founding the William Booth Corps in 1983.

In 1987, he was commissioned to Australia to pastor the Sydney Chinese Corps where there was a growing Chinese migrant population due to the 1997 Handover. He was appointed as a JP during this tenure for his humanitarian efforts to aid the Chinese students, especially after the protests in 1989.

James came back to Hong Kong in 1993, and served multiple appointments including: the Field Secretary coordinating the Christian ministries in HK and Macau, the Social Services Secretary overseeing >80 social service units and centers, and subsequently the General Secretary.

In his early career; James had a special interest in Christian apologetics especially in the defence against Christian cults in HK. In his later career; he became more involved in education and held multiple honorary lecturer posts in various institutions including the Theology department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bible Seminary of Hong Kong, Alliance Bible Seminary, China Graduate School of Theology to name a few.


James' life came to an early end when he was Promoted to Glory on 15 Nov 2001 at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong; after a year-long battle with recurrent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.

As a remembrance; the Kiwanis club of HK dedicated a 'Major James Ling Memorial Community Service Award - 香港國際同濟會紀念凌錫洪少校社區服務獎' to secondary school students whom have distinguished themselves in community service.


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