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James M Day

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Name  James Day

Role  Game designer
James M. Day James M Day Game Designer C3i Ops Center

James M. Day is an American game designer best known for military based board games, computer games, card games, and miniature rules. He is also an accomplished historian and military weaponry subject matter expert.

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His first published title was the board game Panzer[1], from Yaquinto Publications in 1979. This was followed shortly by the board games 88[2] and Armor[3] from the same publisher.

From 1990 through 1995, Jim was a game designer and producer for MicroProse Software. During his stint, he was responsible for the games Gunship 2000[4], Gunship 2000: Islands & Ice[5], F-15 Strike Eagle III[6], and Across the Rhine[7].

During the next several years, Jim continued to contribute to a number of game and historical publications, as well as designed the board games MBT[8] and IDF[9] for the Avalon Hill Company and wrote the user manual for Jane's F/A-18[10].

Jim returned to his original interest in miniatures designing the Panzer Miniatures Rules[11] for StrikeNet Games. The card game The Kaiser’s Pirates[12] was published in 2007 for StrikeNet Games[13]—included in Games Magazine's top 100 for 2008 [14]. The Kaiser's Pirates[15] was re-published by GMT Games in 2009. It was nominated for a Charles S. Roberts award in 2010.

The World War II tactical combat board game Panzer [16] was published in 2012 by GMT Games. It was nominated for a Charles S. Roberts award in 2013.

It was followed by two expansion sets in 2012, Panzer Expansion#1: The Shape of Battle - The Eastern Front [17] and Panzer Expansion#2: The Final Forces on the Eastern Front [18]. The third expansion set followed in 2014, Panzer Exp.#3: Drive to the Rhine - The 2nd Front [19]. Panzer Expansion #1 was nominated for a Charles S. Roberts award in 2013.

Jim went in a different direction designing the American Civil War tactical naval game Iron & Oak [20]. It was published in 2013 by GMT Games.

Jim is currently at work on the new version of the modern tactical combat board game MBT [21] and its two companion expansions FRG [22] and BAOR [23] for GMT Games.


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