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James Campbell

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Name  James Campbell
James Campbell (British Army officer)

blind james campbell baby please don t go

James Campbell may refer to:


  • James Campbell (historian) (born 1935), British academic specialising in Anglo-Saxon studies
  • James Campbell (journalist) (fl. 2000s), Australian journalist
  • James Campbell (industrialist) (1826–1900), Hawaii industrialist
  • James Campbell, 1st Baron Glenavy (1851–1931), Irish Solicitor-General, Attorney-General and Lord Chancellor
  • James Anson Campbell (1854–1933), American businessman with Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company
  • James Archibald Campbell (1862–1934), founder of Campbell University in North Carolina
  • James A. Campbell (Medal of Honor) (1844–1904), American Civil War soldier
  • James Colquhoun Campbell (1813–1895), Scottish-born Welsh Anglican Bishop of Bangor
  • James Edward Campbell, American scientist
  • James Edwin Campbell (poet) (1867–1896), African American poet, editor, writer and educator
  • James Campbell (comedian), children's comedian working in the UK
  • James L. Campbell (born 1949), American soldier
  • James P. Campbell (fl. 2000s), President and CEO of GE Consumer & Industrial
  • James Palmer Campbell (1855–1926), member of the New Zealand Legislative Council
  • James Campbell (postmaster general) (1812–1893), US postmaster general
  • James Campbell (artist) (1828–1893), English artist
  • James Campbell (actor), English actor in Oh No It Isn't!
  • Sir James Campbell (officer of arms), Lord Lyon King of Arms, 1658–1660
  • Sir James Campbell (British Army officer) (c. 1680–1745), Scottish officer of the British Army
  • Sir James Campbell, 1st Baronet (1763–1819), British Army officer
  • Sir James Campbell (1745–1831), British Army officer
  • Sir James Campbell, 2nd Baronet, of Aberuchil, see Campbell baronets
  • James Campbell (author) (born 1951), Scottish writer
  • James Dykes Campbell (1839–1895), Scottish merchant and writer
  • James T. Campbell, American historian
  • James Campbell, pseudonym of James Campbell Reddie (died 1878), author of pornography
  • James Campbell (governor), acting Governor of British Ceylon, 1822–1824
  • James Campbell, 1st Earl of Irvine, Lord Kintyre (1610–1645), colonel of the Garde Ecossaise and son of Archibald Campbell, 7th Earl of Argyll
  • James Marshall Campbell (1895–1977), dean of the college of arts and sciences at the Catholic University of America
  • Bishop willie james campbell

    Australian politicians

  • James Campbell (New South Wales politician) (1820–1879), Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly 1864–1874 for Morpeth
  • James Campbell (Queensland politician) (1838–1925), Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly
  • James Callender Campbell (1838–1916), Member of the Victorian Legislative Council (South Eastern) 1895–1910
  • James Campbell (Victorian politician) (1845–1893), Member of the Victorian Legislative Council (Wellington) 1882–1886, Assembly 1982–93
  • United Kingdom politicians

  • James Cambell (1570–1642), ironmonger and Lord Mayor of London
  • James Campbell (of Burnbank and Boquhan) (c. 1660–c. 1713), MP for Ayr Burghs
  • Sir James Campbell, 2nd Baronet, of Ardkinglass (c. 1666–1752), British MP for Argyllshire and Stirlingshire
  • James Campbell (1737–1805), Scottish MP for Stirling Burghs
  • James Alexander Campbell (politician) (1825–1908), Scottish MP for Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities and Privy Councillor
  • United States politicians

  • James Campbell (Wisconsin) (1814–1883), member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
  • James E. Campbell (1843–1924), Democratic politician from Ohio
  • James Hepburn Campbell (1820–1895), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  • James J. Campbell, American politician from Maine
  • James R. Campbell (Illinois politician) (1853–1924), U.S. Representative from Illinois
  • James R. Campbell (Arkansas politician) (1893–1981), member of the Arkansas House of Representatives
  • James U. Campbell (1866–1937), 25th Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court
  • James V. Campbell (1823–1890), member of the Michigan Supreme Court from 1858–1890
  • James W. Campbell (born 1947), member of the Maryland House of Delegates
  • Music

  • Blind James Campbell (1906–1981), American blues singer and guitarist
  • James Campbell (clarinetist) (born 1949), Canadian/American clarinetist
  • Sport

  • James Campbell (rugby union) (1858–1902), Canadian rugby player
  • James Campbell (English footballer), English goalkeeper (Huddersfield Town)
  • James Campbell (footballer, born 1869) (1869–1938), Scottish footballer (Kilmarnock FC and Scotland)
  • James Campbell (athlete) (born 1988), Scottish javelin thrower
  • James Campbell (cricketer) (born 1988), English cricketer
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