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James B Jordan

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Name  James Jordan

Role  Author
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Education  Reformed Theological Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary, University of Georgia
Books  Through new eyes, Primeval Saints, Creation in Six Days, The Sociology of the Ch, Financial Management for Episco
Similar People  Gary North, John Calvin, John Gresham Machen

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James Burrell Jordan (born December 31, 1949) is an American Protestant theologian and author. He is the director of Biblical Horizons ministries, an organisation in Niceville, Florida that publishes books, essays and other media dealing with Bible commentary, Biblical theology, and liturgy. It adheres to biblical absolutism including Young Earth Creationism and calls for a biblical theocracy.


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Early life and education

Jordan was born in Athens, Georgia. After public school, Jordan attended the University of Georgia, where he received a B.A. in comparative literature. While in college, he participated in the Campus Crusade for Christ and Young Americans for Freedom.

He served as a military historian in the United States Air Force and attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, before ultimately earning an M.A. and Th.M. from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His master's thesis was on slavery in the Bible. In 1993, Jordan received a D. Litt. from the Central School of Religion for his dissertation on the dietary laws of Moses.


After his 1982 ordination in the Association of Reformed Churches, Jordan served for five years alongside Ray Sutton as associate pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church, in Tyler, Texas. He was also the director of Geneva Ministries and Geneva Divinity School.

Since 1988, Jordan has carried out his teaching and writing work full-time through Biblical Horizons, a Niceville, Florida-based research and publishing ministry. Biblical Horizons emphasizes the Trinity and biblical absolutism with a covenant-historical approach to interpretation and a focus on biblical theocracy, eschatology and worship.

Jordan has also served since 2000 as head of the Department of Biblical Studies at the Biblical Theological Seminary, St. Petersburg, Russia, where he teaches Old Testament and Eschatology.

In 2011, Wipf and Stock published a Festschrift in Jordan's honor. Glory of Kings: A Festschrift in Honor of James B. Jordan (ISBN 9781608996803) was edited by Peter J. Leithart, and included contributions from Rich Lusk, Douglas Wilson and John Frame.


Bill DeJong characterizes Jordan's approach to biblical hermeneutics as "pastoral typology" - that is, seeing biblical typology as pointing not just to the work of Christ, but also to Christian worship.


Jordan has written many articles and books, including:

  • James B. Jordan and Gary North, eds. (1982). Symposium on the Failure of the American Baptist Culture. Geneva Divinity School. ISBN 0-939404-04-4. CS1 maint: Extra text: authors list (link)
  • James B. Jordan (1984). The Law of the Covenant: An Exposition of Exodus 21–23. Institute for Christian Economics. ISBN 978-0-930464-02-8. 
  • James B. Jordan (1999) [1985]. Judges: A Practical and Theological Commentary. a reissuing of Judges: God’s War Against Humanism. Wipf & Stock Publishers. ISBN 978-1-57910-249-4. Retrieved 2007-04-02. 
  • James B. Jordan, ed. (1985). The Reconstruction of the Church. Geneva Ministries. ISBN 0939404117. CS1 maint: Extra text: authors list (link)
  • James B. Jordan (1999) [1986]. The Sociology of the Church: Essays in Reconstruction. Wipf & Stock. ISBN 978-1-57910-248-7. Retrieved 2007-04-02. 
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  • James B. Jordan (1989). Covenant Sequence in Leviticus and Deuteronomy: Literary Order or Chaos?. Institute for Christian Economics. ISBN 0-930464-22-2. 
  • John Calvin (James B. Jordan, ed.) (1990) [1583]. Covenant Enforced: Sermons on Deuteronomy 27 and 28. Institute for Christian Economics. ISBN 0-930464-33-8. 
  • James B. Jordan (1994). The liturgy trap: The Bible versus mere tradition in worship. Transfiguration Press. p. 98. ISBN 978-1-883690-04-5. 
  • James B. Jordan (1999). Creation in Six Days: A Defense of the Traditional Reading of Genesis One. Canon Press. p. 272. ISBN 978-1-885767-62-2.  A defense of Young Earth creationism against the framework interpretation of Genesis 1.
  • James B. Jordan (2001). Primeval Saints: Studies in the Patriarchs of Genesis. Canon Press. p. 160. ISBN 978-1-885767-86-8. 
  • James B. Jordan (2007). The Handwriting on the Wall: A Commentary on the Book of Daniel. American Vision. p. 733. ISBN 978-0-915815-63-0. 
  • James B. Jordan (2008). The Vindication of Jesus Christ. Athanasius Press. p. 96. ISBN 978-0-9753914-8-8. 
  • James B. Jordan (2009). Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future. Athanasius Press. p. 62. ISBN 978-0-9842439-1-4. 
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