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Years of service  1453
Unit  Cavalry
Rank  vojvoda
Allegiance  Serbian Despotate

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Jakša (Serbian Cyrillic: Јакша; fl. 1452–53), was a military commander (vojvodа) in the service of Serbian Despot Đurađ Branković (r. 1427–56). In 1452, he was sent as a deputy of the Despot to the Republic of Ragusa. As an Ottoman vassal, Đurađ was forced to send an army to participate in the siege of Constantinople (1453). Sultan Mehmed II did not tell Đurađ his intentions, but said that the cavalry would travel to Karaman. The sultan slaughtered civilians on his way to Constantinople, which he quickly besieged. Jakša, hearing of this, wanted to return but was warned that if they would not continue, the sultan would destroy the Serbs. The cavalry reached Constantinople, which had been the cradle of Eastern Christianity and culture, serving as the capital of the now destroyed Byzantine Empire. Janissary Konstantin Mihailović was part of this army; he wrote a memoir in which he mentioned these events. Jakša is the eponymous founder of the Jakšić noble family. He had two sons, Stefan and Dmitar.


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