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Country  Brazil
Elevation  567 m
Area  46 km2
State  Sao Paulo
Region  Southeast
Founded  1652
Population  187,144 (2010)

Jacarei is a city of approximately 211,308 inhabitants in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The city is known as "Capital of Beer" by the daily output of its factories, considered the biggest in Latin America. The economic activity is mainly based on industrial production. The industries produce mainly paper, chemicals, glass, wire, and rubber.


Map of Jacarei

The city is located in the Paraiba do Suls valley (the Paraiba do Sul is the most important river in the east of the state). This region is highly industrialized, located between the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Neighbor Cities: Sao Jose dos Campos, Santa Branca, Guararema, Jambeiro, Igarata and Santa Isabel.


Jacarei was formed on land that belonged to Mogi das Cruzes. It was founded by Antonio Afonso and his sons in 1652. They built a chapel in honor of Our Lady of Conception. With the help of peaceful Indians, the village prospered. In 1953, was elevated as a town and in 1849, as a city. Paraibuna (on December 7, 1812), Santa Branca (on February 20, 1841) and Sao Jose dos Campos (unknown date) were incorporated into the municipality of Jacarei. They were later dismembered: Sao Jose do Campos in 1767, Paraibuna in 1832 and Santa Branca in 1856. With the coffee cycle, the city begins to have paving, new roads and leisure activities, with a small population growth. It was one of the most important cities of the coffee cycle. At this time (late nineteenth century), industries were beginning to emerge, starting with the socks and the factory "Biscoutos Jacarei" (Jacarei’s cookies), taking a leap of development in the twentieth century.


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