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Jabal Thawr

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Elevation  1,405 m (4,610 ft)
Location  Mecca, Saudi Arabia
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Jabal Thawr (Arabic: جبل ثور‎‎) (Mount Bull) is the name of a mountain in Saudi Arabia, located in the lower part of Mecca to the south of the district of Misfalah. Height of the mountain is 1,405 m (4,610 ft).


Map of Thowr Mountain, Mecca Saudi Arabia


The mountain is notable for housing a cave known as Ghar al-Thawr ( Cave of the Bull), in which the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and his companion Abu Bakr took refuge from the Quraish, during the migration to Medina. For the hadith, see Abu Bakr#Migration to Medina. For most Muslims, the cave is of religious significance, and is thus visited by many pilgrims and the tourists.

Story of Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr

During the Hijrah, Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr took refuge in this cave, with the help of Abu Bakr's family and slave. When the Quraish came to look for them, Abu Bakr worriedly told Prophet Muhammad that they were only two people, but Prophet Muhammad assured him by saying, "Abu Bakr, what do you think about two, the third of whom is Allah?" When the Quraish reached the cave, they thought that nobody could go to a cave with a spider web spread across the mouth and birds nesting near it.


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