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Genre  Bishōjo games
Founder  Peter Payne
Headquarters  San Diego, California, United States
Subsidiaries  Peach Princess, G-Collections

JAST USA is a licensor and distributor of English-language versions of Japanese video games, specifically bishōjo games, dating sims, visual novels and Japanese RPGs. It was founded in 1996, and their first game releases were Sakura Soft's Season of the Sakura and JAST's Three Sisters' Story. It has several subsidiary brands or labels: Peach Princess, G-Collections, and JAST Densetsu. The owner and founder of JAST USA is Peter Payne.

JAST USA was so named because it was originally affiliated with JAST. After JAST (the Japanese company) closed shop, the company rebranded itself as Peach Princess (because there was no longer a JAST to be affiliated with). As Peach Princess, the company had access to mostly Crowd and Will titles. Eventually, Peter decided that JAST USA had more brand recognition, so he adopted the old name again, turning Peach Princess into a sub-brand of the newly-recreated JAST USA.

In addition to publishing their own games, JAST USA also acts as distributor for many titles published by MangaGamer. In the past, they have also been the US distributor for games translated by the London-based company Otaku Publishing, Ltd., such as True Love.

Games published

This list includes titles from JAST USA and all its subsidiaries (including games not originally published by JAST USA that were acquired when the original publisher went bankrupt, like G-Collections).


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