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Itzhak Stern

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Occupation  Accountant
Siblings  Natan Stern
Died  1969, Tel Aviv, Israel
Role  Accountant
Name  Itzhak Stern

Itzhak Stern Oskar Schindler by Rachel Swedberg on Prezi

Born  25 January 1901Austria
Similar People  Oskar Schindler, Amon Goth, Emilie Schindler, Thomas Keneally, Mietek Pemper

Sir ben kingsley talks about playing itzhak stern in schindler s list

Itzhak Stern (25 January 1901 – 1969) was a Polish-Israeli man of Jewish faith who worked for German industrialist Oskar Schindler. He was the accountant for Schindler's enamelware company (Deutsche Emaillewarenfabrik) in Kraków and helped run the business. He is credited with typing the list of names known as Schindler's list, a list of Jews who survived the Holocaust because of Oskar Schindler's efforts. (There were actually seven lists, of which four are known to have survived.)


Itzhak Stern Isaac Stern

On 18 November 1939, Schindler was first introduced to Stern, then an accountant for Schindler's fellow Abwehr agent Josef "Sepp" Aue, who had taken over Stern's formerly Jewish-owned place of employment as a Treuhander (trustee). Schindler showed Stern the balance sheet of a company he was thinking of acquiring, an enamelware manufacturer called Rekord Ltd owned by a consortium of Jewish businessmen that had filed for bankruptcy earlier that year. Stern advised him that rather than running the company as a trusteeship under the auspices of the Haupttreuhandstelle Ost (Main Trustee Office for the East), he should buy or lease the business, as that would give him more freedom from the dictates of the Nazis, including the freedom to hire more Jews.

Itzhak Stern Character Analysis Schindler39s List

Even though Stern was Jewish and Schindler a member of the Nazi Party, Schindler was friendly to Stern. In a later meeting, Stern informed Schindler that he could use Jewish slave labour to staff his factory at a lower price than Polish laborers. Schindler, recognising the advantage, took Stern up on his suggestion. Stern was said to be able to bring out the moral side of Schindler. Stern, like Schindler, was an opportunist, and he was a main contributor to the rescue of the Schindlerjuden. As Schindler left Stern to run the factory, Stern began to give factory jobs to Jews who otherwise would have been deemed "nonessential" and would most likely have been killed. He forged documents to make teachers and intellectuals appear to be experienced machinists and factory workers.

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He was portrayed in the motion picture Schindler's List (1993) by Ben Kingsley. At the end of the film, Stern's widow appears in a procession of Schindlerjuden survivors and the actors who portrayed them, placing stones on Schindler's grave as a sign of respect. Stern's brother Natan was also one of the Schindlerjuden.

Itzhak Stern Itzhak Stern Schindlers List

While the relationship between Stern and Schindler was initially purely business, by the end, a definite friendship had arisen.

Itzhak Stern Best 10 Itzhak stern ideas on Pinterest Schindlers liste Film

Oskar schindler hires itzhak stern

Itzhak Stern Best 10 Itzhak stern ideas on Pinterest Schindlers liste Film
Itzhak Stern Best 10 Itzhak stern ideas on Pinterest Schindlers liste Film
Itzhak Stern Schindler Steppingstone to Life Chapter 4
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