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Isabel Kershner

Status  Married
Role  Journalist
Occupation  Journalist, author
Spouse  Hirsh Goodman (m. 1992)
Children  Gavriel and Lev (sons)
Books  Barrier
Name  Isabel Kershner

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Notable credits  The New York Times, The Jerusalem Report

Isabel Kershner is a journalist and author who began reporting from Jerusalem for The New York Times in 2007.


Previously, Kershner was Senior Editor, Middle East, The Jerusalem Report magazine. She has also written for The New Republic and provided commentary on Middle East affairs on radio, including the BBC.


Kershner was born in Manchester, England. In April 1992 she married author Hirsh Goodman, a fellow immigrant to Israel; they have two children, Gavriel and Lev.

Bias accusations

Kershner has been accused of anti-Israel bias in her coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, a pro-Israel media outfit with a record of improperly manipulating content on Wikipedia, for allegedly downplaying Palestinian terrorism, covering up incitement to violence by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and promoting anti-Israel bias using the journalism technique of "first-last reporting".

Kershner has also been accused of pro-Israel bias in her coverage and her hiring to report on Israeli-Palestinian issues has been denounced as conflict of interest since her son has served in the IDF in recent years and her husband, Hirsh Goodman, is an employee at an organization that works to promote a better image of Israel. Kershner has been a featured speaker in the Israel Hasbara Committee. Her reporting has been denounced by the progressive media watch Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting for paying disproportionate attention to killings of Israeli soldiers at the expense of Arabs and Iranians, omitting Israeli violations of ceasefires with Hamas, the biggest Gaza militia, and falsely presenting such violations as merely reactions to the actions of Palestinians, and giving free rein for anonymous Israeli sources to defame Palestinian hunger strikes in Israeli prisons as terrorists.


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