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Irina Allegrova

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Occupation  Singer
Nationality  Russian
Role  Singer

Name  Irina Allegrova
Years active  1975-present
Children  Lala Allegrova
Irina Allegrova Irina Allegrova apologized to her fans and announced new

Full Name  Irina Aleksandrovna Allegrova
Born  January 20, 1952 (age 63) (1952-01-20) Rostov-on-Don, Soviet Union
Awards  Medal "200 years of russian MVD", Meritorious Artist of Russia, People's Artist of Russia
Albums  S Dnem Rojdeniya, Imperatritsa, Popolam
Spouse  Igor Kapusta (m. 1994–1999)
Parents  Serafima Sosnovskaya, Alexander Allegrov
Similar People  Igor Krutoy, Igor Nikolayev, Sofia Rotaru, Grigory Leps, Alla Pugacheva

Russian singer Irina Allegrova - Ya Tebia otvoyuyu (I have reconquered You) with english subtitles

Irina Aleksandrovna Allegrova (Russian: Ирина Александровна Аллегрова; born 20 January 1952) is a Russian singer. People's Artist of Russia (2010)).


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Irina Allegrova was born in Rostov-on-Don in 1952. Her father Alexander Sarkisov, an ethnic Armenian, took the surname Allegrov as a pseudonym when he was just 17 and Irina was born with this surname (Allegrova). Her Russian mother was Serafima Sosnovskaya. Irina was brought up in a theatrical family with famous people who frequented their house and impressed the young girl. Irina spent her early life in Baku, Azerbaijan where she studied piano and ballet. Irina gave birth to one daughter, Lala, at a young age. She left Lala with her parents and moved to Moscow to become a singer at the age of 22.

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In 1985, Irina met Oscar Feltsman, who gave her a chance at a solo career and wrote several songs for her. Then, in 1987 she became soloist in David Tukhmanov's band - Electroclub.

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Irina's debut album "My Destined One - Suzheny/Wanderer - Strannik" was written and produced by her neighbor and friend Igor Nikolaev. The album, supported by the single "Wanderer" (1991–1992) became No.1 and stayed No.1 for nearly a full year.

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Irina's next album was "Ugonschitsa" (1994–1995), which won a Russian Grammy (Ovatsiya) for Best Pop Female Star. She toured the United States after that album's release.

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Irina began to work with Igor Krutoi, changed her hair to her natural brunette, got married, had a grandson, and bought a house on the outskirts of Moscow. Irina and Krutoi released two albums together, "I will disperse the clouds with my hands" and "Un-finished Romance" (1996, 1998).

Irina Allegrova Irina Allegrova Russian singer Russian Personalities

Irina divorced, released a healing-themed album called "Teatr" (Theater) (1999) and went on tour around the world. in 2004 Irina Allegrova received a star on the Star Square in Moscow.

Irina Allegrova Irina Allegrova Russian singer Russian Personalities

In 2005, Irina began working exclusively with Aleksei Garnizov on "Po Lezviyu Lyubvi (On razor's edge of love) trilogy". A new album was planned for release in late 2005.

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Irina has since written three novellas about love, and created an award ceremony where she and other stars give out the 'Golden Duck' to those journalists who made up the worst lies.

Irina Allegrova Irina Allegrova Russian singer Russian Personalities

Irina Allegrova announced that in March 2012 she will be retiring and went on a final tour, she is still doing concerts, however, very rarely. At the end of 2013 she released a new song with Russian singer Slava (singer) called "First Love, Last Love". She also made a song for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi for Ice Hockey with past athletes of the sport.

  • Svadebnye Tsvety
  • Mladshiy Leitenant
  • Ugonschitsa
  • Imperatritsa
  • Nezakonchennyi Roman
  • Baby-Stervy
  • Transitnyi passazhir
  • Recordings

  • Strannik (cassette/lp) = Suzheny (CD) (1991/1994 CD)
  • Ugonschitsa (1995) - Car thief
  • Ya Tuchi Razvedu Rukami (1996)
  • Imperatritsa (1997) - Empress
  • Nezakonchennyi Roman (1998)
  • Teatr (1999) - The theatre
  • Vsyo Snachala (2000 version 1 & 2001 version 2)
  • Po Lezviyu Lyubvi (2002 version 1 BLACK & 2003 version 2 RED)
  • Popolam (2004)
  • S Dnem Rojdeniya (2005) - Happy Birthday!
  • Allegrova 2007 (2007)
  • Exclusive edition (2010)
  • References

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